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Car Parking Systems

DIGITALIZE THE PARKING SPACE. We offer reliable and cost-efficient car parking solutions. 

car Parking solutions

We offer reliable and cost-efficient car parking solutions. 

All our sensors are easily mounted and require zero maintenance. You can choose between The Smart City System Parking Sensor which is connected with the help of an intelligent magneto-resistive measuring method or a sensor based on radar technology. Both techniques work indoors or outdoors and have high reliability. 


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The Smart City System Parking sensors  

If you have a small, medium, or large parking area that you would like to manage you can easily equip all parking spaces with Smart City System Parking Sensors that are connected to the internet through a gateway. The system transmits the occupancy status of your parking area wirelessly and in real time and can be effortlessly integrated into your existing system.


Requires no management system

All you need is a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone and you can keep track and control of your parking area, this means that you don’t need to have an existing management system.

All we need from you is a site plan and contact with your electrician. We will take care of the rest.

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Live Parking Display



Live Parking Display

With the Smart City System Parking Sensors, a digital twin of any parking area can be made displaying availability, overdue parking, location of e-charging stations and handicapped parking, and more. Additionally, you can click on any parking space to be navigated directly to it. Available via a dashboard or an API to integrate into your own system.

Our Smart Parking System 

Our smart parking sensor system combines reliable and cost-effective sensors with an easy-to-use interface or integration into your existing system. 


Use Cases 

Our digitization solution offers everything you need for efficient and cost-effective parking management: 

  • Accurate recording of parking times 

  • Navigation to free parking spaces 

  • Real-time analysis of parking space occupancy 


EV Charger Parking 

Increase EV charger utilization with Smart City System sensors: 

  • Guide EV users to chargers that are actually free 

  • Give clients increased availability 

  • Achieve optimal utilization for increased income 

  • Ensure only EVs occupy chargers 

Manage one or more parking areas

See where parking spaces are available, which are currently being used within the permitted parking time, and which have already exceeded the maximum permitted parking time at a glance.


With the Smart City System Parking Sensors, it will soon be possible to reserve individual parking spaces and have messages sent to your mobile phone when parked vehicles exceed the maximum parking time.

Facts Smart City System Parking Sensors

The parking sensors are produced in Germany, are maintenance-free for several years, and require no expensive infrastructure to digitize your parking area.


Using sophisticated algorithms, data for each parking space is also evaluated from neighboring sensors in order to record the occupancy status accurately and reliably. The parking sensors are powered by an integrated battery and glued to the floor or ceiling of the respective parking area.

Can snow be cleared in winter despite the ground sensors? Yes, snowplows with rubber lips are not a problem. Should a sensor fail, we will ensure that it is replaced as quickly as possible. Thanks to its modular design, the actual sensor unit can be quickly removed from its frame, which is firmly glued to the floor, and replaced.


Parking Pilot provides you with three main functions

Record parking times

The exact recording of parking times enables you to monitor which parking spot is occupied by the same vehicle and for how long. In this way, you can easily and reliably keep track of the use of parking spots. You immediately recognize which vehicles have exceeded the maximum permitted parking time and react accordingly. This allows you to conveniently bill exceeded parking times to the minute and get illegal parking problems under control.


Navigation to free parking spaces

With our system efficient management of your parking lot is child’s play. The system knows which parking spaces are available where and can navigate you, your customers and/or guests to the nearest available parking space. In the future, it will be possible to reserve individual parking spaces so that a stressful and frustrating search for parking will be a thing of the past.


Record occupancy status

Finally, the precise recording of the occupancy status of your parking lot provides you with valuable information regarding the use and utilization of your parking space. This enables you to keep an eye on the demand for parking spaces and to manage your parking lot more efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. In addition, important areas for which traffic is critical such as fire department access areas, access ramps for emergency rooms, delivery entrances and exits, and much more can be conveniently and automatically monitored.

More functions

Prevent illegal parking

Record parking time

Record occupancy status


Boost efficiency in company parking

Navigate to free parking spaces
Record occupancy status

Increase user-friendliness and revenue for e-charging stations

Record parking time
Navigate to free parking spaces

Record occupancy status and prevent illegal parking of non-electric vehicles at e-charging points. 


Improve utilization of city center parking areas and reduce emission levels

Record parking time
Navigate to free parking spaces
Record occupancy status


FAQ: Smart City Parking Sensors 

How does the sensor work?

The sensor technology is based on a magneto-resistive measuring method. When a vehicle parks above a sensor, a magnetic field change occurs. This change is registered by the sensor and transmitted to a gateway. This gateway in turn transmits the signal via mobile network to the cloud. Here, the signal is further processed and then displayed or evaluated via various applications.


How does the gateway work?

A gateway is the main device between the server and sensors and requires a continuous power connection. This forwards the data packets from the sensors to the cloud via a mobile connection.


How long does the battery of the sensor last?

The battery life under normal conditions is 5 to 7 years.


Can snow be cleared on a parking lot with sensors?

Yes, snowplows with rubber lips are not a problem. See here our tests with conventional snow plows.  


Can a sensor be easily removed?

No, the outer rings can only be removed from the floor with a great deal of force without special solvents. The sensor itself is put into the outer ring by a proprietary mechanism. Removal of the sensor from the outer ring is therefore only possible with a special tool and the necessary knowledge.


Can sensors be installed in underground garages?

Yes, we have developed complete wireless indoor sensors that can be installed in garages.


How long until my parking area is equipped with sensors?

The parking area is ready for use 1 to 2 days after installation. All we need is a site plan and, unless installing a solar gateway, access to a power outlet.



The unique system uses IMAS's own radar sensors to monitor the traffic going in and out the parking area. The radar technology is well proven and requires almost no maintenance. It’s a weather and dust proof system which make it ideal both for indoor and outdoor use. Another advantage is that the radar sensors are well concealed to the public, which reduces the risk of being damaged.

RADAR: reliable and cost-efficient

IMAS Car Parking Guide System (PGS) is a very reliable and cost-efficient parking guide system for shopping centers, retail stores, and the parking management sector.

Here IMAS engineers chose to use a few sensors, a robust and well-proven technology to be able to offer the market a cost-effective solution.

The system keeps track of the number of cars in the parking garage and shows via LED screens where there are available parking spaces.

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Inside the parking area LED-Matrix-Displays shows the realtime status of available parking lots in different and adjustable colors. Displays and signs can be used both outside and inside to show the number of available parking lots.


The entire configuration of sensors, displays and zones takes place through a web interface.


Why IMAS Parking Guide System (PGS)


  • Cost efficient Parking Guide System (few sensors required)

  • Reliable and robust technology

  • Requires low maintenance - Weather and dust resistant - Well concealed to the public


RADAR - a RELIABLE technology

IMAS has a long experience from the radar technology and has for over 30 years been supplying shopping centers, stores and public institutions with data from footfall traffic. The radar technology was the first technique to be used when counting visitors. The technique is very reliable and although people counters today often relies on 3D-technolgy or WiFi-system, radars are still being used by some of our customers, thanks to its long-life span.

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We are looking forward talking to you and presenting the parking systems more in detail .

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