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Benefits Footfall data

Here we go through why you should use footfall data, benefits, and our services available. 


Number of people



and much more

The purpose of Footfall data

One of the primary purposes of using footfall data is to understand and try to improve the current situation. If you for example don’t know the actual number of visitors, when they visit and where the visits take place you will end up speculating and guessing.

With footfall data in front of you can increase the visitor experience and/or convert more visitors into buying customers. 


analytics services Footfall data

We offer a wide variety of footfall data, here are some examples you can gather and analyze in IMAS analytics platform Xperio. See more analytics options for Retail or Public


Always included

Always included

Count & comparison





Analyze visitors entering/exiting. You need this service to have access to Xperio. 

Run productivity analyzes on visits, sales, customers and much more. 

See how visitors move and how long do they stay.

Differ between, children and adults entering, men and women.

Control and maintenance. Our personal support is always included in Xperio.

Vänner som tycker om utomhus

Highlights Footfall data

Thanks to footfall data you can find information such as the number of people, peak hours, popular areas, conversion rate, and demographics among your visitors. 

With this information in hand, you can track and identify deviations and determine why the numbers increased or decreased. 

Some of the Benefits of footfall data

  • Measure and improve your business with footfall data to increase visitor experience and profit margins

  • Track movement patterns, dwell time, etc. to understand what areas/paths are popular

  • Combine sales data och visitor data and optimize the store, for example, use the store conversion rate

  • Increase your knowledge about your visitor's demographic, such as gender and age

  • It is easier to make decisions when using statistics 

Guide: How to calculate KPIs

Here we go through the most important thermology from the data collected and how you calculate the KPIs used when working with retail and visitor analytics. The goal is to identify deviations to be able to improve the visitor and customer experience.

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technology Options 

Footfall data

We use footfall counters with sensors mounted in the ceiling, or via wireless networks that capture anonymous Wi-Fi signals from mobile telephones. Both techniques are well-proven when doing footfall counting and can be used depending on the environment and your needs.

IMAS also have a long experience from the radar technology where you can measure cars, cyclists and other vehicles. 

Why Footfall data from us?

– We offer Footfall data as a service which gives you:

  1. All hardware is included in a monthly fixed price. We will provide you with the latest technology and make sure everything is set up correctly so that you can focus on your core business.

  2. Zero binding time, you decide when you want to end the contract

We always offer you.

  • Footfall data with individual service and support. We work in small flexible teams and when support and service is needed our dedicated support team are there to answer your ticket or call.

  • Support in the local language.

  • A business that has been succeeding in helping businesses collecting visitor analytics for over 30 years


Read more about it here.

What Footfall services are you looking for?

No matter if you are looking for simple and reliable footfall counting or more advance services such as tracking and Footfall flow, we have you covered.


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Footfall counting from IMAS

We use well-proven technology, have 30+ years of experience in visitor analytics, and can offer you a flexible tailor-made footfall counting system, including personal support and without any binding contracts or hidden start fees. If you already have existing footfall counting hardware and you want to keep using them that’s no problem, all your historical data can be imported. 


Contact us today or continue to read – we are looking forward to helping you.

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Do you already have existing hardware?

No problem, you can use your old hardware (for example Xovis, Brickstream, and Irisys) and all your historical data can easily be imported to our platform Xperio which supports an Open API that enables easy integration and tailor-made solutions.

International presence

With over 30 000 installations and many hundred customers spread out across Europe and South East Asia we have established strong relations with our customers and suppliers. Our head office Nordic is located in Sweden, head office Europe in Germany and head office South-South East Asia in Thailand.


We are fortunate to work with some of the best in the industry. Here are some examples. 

Contact us today

We are looking forward helping you collect data to make better decisions. 

How can we help you?

From us you can buy market leading footfall counters or pay a fixed monthly fee where everything is included for you to make visitor analytics, without any binding time or start fees. 

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satisfied customers

Image by Jonny Kennaugh

„With great flexibility and the use of mixed technologies, IMAS offers suitable solutions that count accurately and reliably, which first made in-depth customer analyses possible for us.“

Hennig Schorling, 
Director of IT, B.O.C. (Bike and Outdoor Company)

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