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Buildings, real estate, and facility management  

Don't pay for spaces not used. Optimizing the buildings with your existing wifi-network and start collecting footfall data.

Footfall data, optimizing the modern building

Real estate owners and facility management companies can use visitor & footfall data to optimize their investment, both when planning new buildings and when making sure that the buildings are used in an efficient way. 

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Benefits footfall data in buildings

Here are some examples on how footfall data can be used in buildings:

  • Optimize the level of rent based on the traffic. No one wants to pay for space not use! Footfall data will tell you how much of your office space is being used.

  • Improve planning and layout. Understand how your visitors interact inside or outside your building. Where and how long do they stay in a certain area (dwell time), collect data on the people flow and start improving its figures. Know the number of passers by vs the number entering the building (capture rate), what can we do to improve our figures?  All this information could be used when planning new stores and offices.

  • Cleaning and maintenance. Footfall data will tell you how the bathrooms and open spaces are being used. Optimize the cleaning and maintenance and make sure the resources are used at the right space and time.


Use your existing WiFi-network 

Use your existing WiFi-network and gather your footfall data without having to do any further installations. This groundbreaking technology is made possible thanks to several years of academic research on how to gather WiFi-signals from smartphones without affecting the privacy.


The technique manages to delete all tracking of MAC addresses and is approved according to the GDPR regulations in Europe. If your building and facilities have a WiFi-network from a major supplier such as Cisco, Ruckus and Aruba you are most certainty ready to go. If you don’t have such a network installed we have cost efficient solutions that can deliver the data you are looking for.  

THe xperio platform

Through our Xperio platform, it is easy for the user to produce reports with visitor statistics by the hour, day, week, month, and year.

OPEN api

Xperio has a well-documented API with the ability to connect its own applications to retrieve and send data to and from systems. 


Services for Buildings, real estate, and facility management  

There are many relevant services to choose from in Xperio. Here are some examples. What do you want to measure?


We are fortunate to work with some of the best in the industry. Here are some examples. 

analytics services

We offer a wide variety of data for buildings, here are some examples of data you can gather and analyze on the IMAS analytics platform Xperio. See more analytics options here.  


Always included

Always included

Count & comparison





Analyze visitors entering/exiting. You need this service to have access to Xperio. 

Run productivity analyzes on visits, sales, customers and much more. 

See how visitors move and how long do they stay.

Differ between, children and adults entering, men and women.

Control and maintenance. Our personal support is always included in Xperio.


How can we help you?

From us you can buy market leading people counters or pay a fixed monthly fee where everything is included for you to make visitor analytics, without any binding time or start fees. 

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Contact us today

We help buildings, real estate owners and facility management companies around the world collect footfall data improving and optimizing buildings and its surroundings. Contact IMAS Group today!

International presence

With over 30 000 installations and many hundred customers spread out across Europe and South East Asia we have established strong relations with our customers and suppliers. Our head office Nordic is located in Sweden, head office Europe in Germany and head office South-South East Asia in Thailand.

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