On April 12, 2018

IMAS and Bumbee Labs in collaboration regarding visitor flow measurements

The measurement companies IMAS and Bumbee Labs have concluded an agreement to collaborate regarding visitor flow measurements in smart cities, shopping centers and retail stores. The agreement covers joint projects in Sweden and Norway, but also internationally through IMAS sales offices in Europe and Asia.

At a time when the conditions for physical retail and visitation patterns to cities and shopping centers change dramatically, it becomes more and more important to know how customers and visitors behaves. A combination of IMAS’s and Bumbee Labs’ methods will provide the markets best opportunities to do just that.

IMAS was founded in Norway in 1987 and is one of the world’s leading companies in visitor statistics and productivity analysis. IMAS currently measures visitor flows using cameras and radar sensors and delivers data to its customers via the web-based Xperio platform. IMAS currently conducts visitor flow measurements in some 60 countries and has about 40,000 installations.

Bumbee Labs measures visitor flows by capturing anonymous Wi-Fi signals in smart phones and can measure in both outdoor and indoor environments. Visits are measured anonymously and not at an individual level and the measurement method is the sole of its kind to be approved by the Swedish Data Inspection authorities with GDPR taken into account. Bumbee Labs currently measures, among other things, 100,000 square meters of shopping streets in Swedish cities and has measured over 68,000,000 visitors this year alone.

The combination of IMAS camera technology and Bumbee Labs Wi-Fi technology will give customers an unique opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge of visitor behavior patterns by combining detailed visitor data with the ability to measure dwell time, view customer flows and measure correlation between different areas of a city, a shopping mall or a retail store.

The companies will, however, continue to act independently, but collaborate on the projects that arise in connection with the sales efforts which has already begun.

”IMAS’s offices are looking forward to the enhanced collaboration with Bumbee Labs, which will provide our customers with answers to a number of questions which has arisen recently,” says Peter Nicolaus, CEO of IMAS. ”The tests we have done in a number of projects show that IMAS Public will give us far more opportunities we have had with our current technology so far.”

”The collaboration with IMAS will provide Bumbee Labs with a fantastic opportunity to expand, especially internationally, and allow us to learn a lot from a company that has been active for a long time in our line of business,” says Karl Samuelsson, CEO of Bumbee Labs. ”Our products complement each other perfectly and the cities, shopping centers or stores which hire us will be given great opportunities to get to know their customers or visitors and their habits better.”

For more information please contact:

Peter Nicolaus
+47 907 614 14
pn@ imas.net

Bumbee Labs
Karl Samuelsson
CEO Bumbee Labs AB
+46 707 588 971
karl.samuelsson@ bumbeelabs.se

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