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privacy and GDPR compliance

Location Intelligence

Shopper insights beyond in-store behavior

Location Intelligence for retail stores and real estate owners

Take advantage of brand-new technology and find out where your customers tend to come from, where they are going, and which places they visit along their way to your store.

With IMAS Location Intelligence, you gain insights based on machine learning algorithms. The data comes from smartphone signals accumulated each day, turning them into fully anonymized statistics.

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The technology answers crucial business questions

Loyalty analysis – what stores does my customers visit?

Location technology let you know your customers most popular places. Access and gain information on how many people visit each location hourly, weekly, and monthly.

Campaign measurement outside the store

This tool gives you the answer you perhaps have been looking. Do my customers see the ads in town? Measure if your outdoor advertising campaigns drive more people to your stores. 

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Shopper Catchment – is IT time to make a change?

This technique can detect where customers come from and go to. To make an example; if two stores share the same customers, belongs to the same chain, and are situated close to each other, the retail chain could consider relocating one of the stores. Or it can be seen as an advantage to be located close to each other not to lose customers to competing stores nearby.

Footfall benchmarking - what are your biggest competitors right now?

When analyzing data from location intelligence you soon start to get a good grip on the competitive landscape. Your biggest rival today might not perhaps be the same next week.

Sport Tactics

Identify popular places and routes to the store

Identify your customer journeys and shopper habits; detect if people also visit other retailers before/after visiting specific properties, and how often they come back

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Identify changes affecting the store

When the pandemic broke out, location technology could show that grocery shoppers in Munich city reacted 2 weeks earlier than the one in Frankfurt. The data also showed that customers favored stores where they could by everything they needed and only make one stop. When trends are detected early, strategies can be adapted to keep and gain customers

Location Technology Footfall traffic

A major piece in this technology is the system’s mass database, which is primarily comprised of user visitation records from obtained from mobile apps via GPS signaling. GPS’s main advantages is its geographical precision, allowing Places to differentiate between passers-by and actual store visitors.

By combining diverse data sources, machine learning and anonymization, we are able to provide statistically granular, yet privacy-preserving insights on visitors in any location.

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How the technology ensure privacy and GDPR compliance


The technology only provides anonymized consumer insights for a given area or location. The inhouse methodology combines aggregation, generalization and randomization technology so data stays private even if it is in any way exported or exposed.


Businesses only receive group-level statistics for locations from us. We do not provide crowd statistics for places that are rarely visited, as this would put privacy and insight validity at risk.


We work with partners specialized in GDPR-compliant consent collection from apps. Nearly all global data companies receive data from apps based on the same consent and via the same partners, making it the industry standard.


How we protect privacy for individuals

Anonymous Insights:

We use anonymization methods such as infusing synthetic data. By doing so, we ensure that individuals cannot be identified, even if a business combines our data insights with other data.

Crowd Statistics:

Businesses only receive crowd-level statistics from us, e.g., 300,000 people visited this supermarket last month. If a place is rarely visited, we do not provide statistics for it.

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International presence

With over 30 000 installations and many hundred customers spread out across Europe and South East Asia we have established strong relations with our customers and suppliers. Our head office Nordic is located in Sweden, head office Europe in Germany and head office South-South East Asia in Thailand.

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