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Kids in the Museum

Footfall data 

Know the footfall traffic and demographics into the museum. See popular areas within the museum. 

Footfall data & visitor FLOW IN MUSEUMS

There are many benefits for a museum to collect visitor analytics information. 

Find out when the visitors arrive and leave, how many they are, and where in the museum visitors prefer to stay.


Our Xperio web application makes it easy for the user to pick up reports showing just that – by the hour, day, week, month, and year. It is also easy to see what times and weekdays most visitors come to the museum.

Image by Marquise Kamanke


Number of people



Image by Cezar Sampaio

Schedule Based on Number of Visitors

When you have information on how many people visit the museum and when they do it,  you can easier plan and schedule the staff.


For example, how many of the staff do we need for the weekend before Christmas Eve? Using statistics from the previous year makes it easier to plan, the system also saves the weather statistics, as they possibly can affect the number of visitors. 

It can also be good to know where in the museum visitors are located. 

SOUNDS GOOD. What kind of services do you offer?

Demographics stats in the museum​

The museum can easily see how many of the visitors are children and adults,  men and women. Such information can be very useful, for example when trying to reach out to new target groups. 

Image by Michał Parzuchowski
Image by Viktor Forgacs

See Where the Visits Take Place

Having access to information about movement patterns and places visited can significantly improve the experience for the museum's guests.


What areas are the most popular? Do we have so called "dead-zones" that very few are visiting? Is it easy to find the toilets or the dining room?


You can make adjustments and see differences, use the information when creating or improving exhibitions. 

See the Number of Visitors in the Museum IN real-time 

For a museum, it may also be interesting to know how many people are currently inside the premises, for example, it may be good to have access to this information from a security perspective. With our service you can see directly through the web portal how many visitors are inside. For example, you can set a limit and get notifications when it is reached.

Image by Echo Grid

The information is presented via xperio

Through our Xperio web application, it is easy for the user to produce reports with visitor statistics by hour, day, week, month and year. It is also easy to see what times and weekdays most visitors come to the store. 

OPEN api

Xperio has a well-documented API with the ability to connect its own applications to retrieve and send data to and from systems.

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International presence

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