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make decisions that lead to better visitor experience and increased sales

In order to develop operations and personnel in the retail sector, you need to be able to measure and follow up on the work that you do.


In what follows, we go through some examples of the valuable information that you use when investing in customer counters and visitor counters in stores, for example how knowledge about capture rate and conversion rate creates advantages. and how this data an be used in our staff planner. Many of you who read this are probably already well aware of the possibilities of measuring and immersing in visitor statistics.


Whether you want to start measuring today or have done it for many years, we have solutions and services that will fit your needs. With the help of information from visitor counters, you create better conditions for making decisions that lead to a better visitor experience and increased sales.

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  • The smart way of running a store

  • Plans staffing based on visits and desired sales

  • Measure sales by staff per hour

  • Plan and schedule based on actual data

  • Deviation between planned and achieved results

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a scientific approach is required

The first step in checking and improving sales in your store is to know how many customers are coming in through the doors. If you do not have a control state as a point of departure, it is impossible to say which changes actually produce results. You can certainly use your experience and ask the staff, but relying solely on this type of information does not produce a sufficiently accurate result for those who really want to be thorough and develop their business. To succeed in the retail trade, a scientific approach is required.

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Find Out About the Current Situation and Generate Understanding

Start by measuring how many visitors the store has. The more days you measure, the clearer the visitor pattern becomes. Maybe you have already started counting how many men and women pass through the doors, or look at how many are children and adults, respectively.


Capture rate  = (Store Visitors) / (Passing by the Store)

If you want to take it one step further and measure the stores capture rate you need to measure the traffic outside the store. When you have booth the inside and the outside figures the capture rate gives you a percentage number to work and measure against. What entrances works best? How are changes outside and inside the store affecting the capture rate?  The capture rate can also be used in our staff planner.

Not everyone needs this information, but when such information is needed, it is a good opportunity to measure it right from the start.

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Conversion rate – See How Changes Affect the Number of Visitors and Sales 

In addition to measuring how many people stepped into the store or passed by, it can be interesting to find out how many of the visitors actually bought something in the store. This is called conversion rate (% of sales of visiting customers) and this have proven to be a very effective method for productivity increases. Many projects over the years have yielded significant revenue gains for retail stores. 

Seeing where in the store visits are made, and where it is empty, offers invaluable information for anyone working on maximising the space. If you look at how the visitor moves (visitor flows), you suddenly have a huge potential to increase the quality of the visit and increase sales around the store.

Did the rearrangement contribute to any changes in the conversion rate?


One of the highest cost for retailers are salaries, so it is of high importance to have the right amount of staff at the right time.

We have developed a new smart tool to help you staff your personal. The system plans the staffing based on the access and conversion rate, in other words visits and desired sales . You can easily fill up the staff required per hour to generate the sales required to reach the daily targets.

Brand New Opportunities to Develop Staff and Operations

Our staff planner is one example of how our most active customers combine the information from the visitor counters with information from the financial and personnel systems, which opens completely new doors in developing the business and staff. Automated scheduling and individual-level clientele are just two examples of the new opportunities allowing the store and staff to develop together. What can be measured is limited only by your imagination.

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In summary


In summary, we can establish that when we measure and analyse the information coming from the visitor counters, the connections between the work done and the number of people who visit the store are made visible.


With a scientific approach, and the right tool box, it will be easier for the business and the staff to develop and ultimately to increase sales in the store.

The information is presented via xperio

Through our Xperio web application, it is easy for the user to produce reports with visitor statistics by hour, day, week, month and year. It is also easy to see what times and weekdays most visitors come to the store. 

OPEN api

Xperio has a well-documented API with the ability to connect its own applications to retrieve and send data to and from systems.


Services for retail stores

There are many relevant services to choose from in Xperio. Here are some examples. What do you want to measure?

IMAS Count & Comparison

  • Xperio ICC-licence

  • Hourly updates

  • Visitors entering/exiting

  • Comparisons between periods

  • Personalized dashboard

IMAS Control & Maintenance

  • Proactive support

  • Personal contact person

  • Heartbeat sensor monitoring

  • Threshold analyzes

  • Database checker

  • Push Agent technology

  • Real time monitoring



  • ​The new way of running a store

  • Automates staffing based on conversion rate

  • Plan and schedule based on actual data 

  • Measure staff per hour

  • Measure training activities

Customer Insights

  • Gender detection

  • Adults & children

  • Families and staff exclusion

  • Face Mask Detection

  • View Direction

  • Behavior segmentation

  • Buying units

  • Mail/dashboard

Customer Flow

  • Hot and cold zones

  • Tracking

  • Heat maps

  • Dwell time

  • Sale point

  • Capture rate

Buy visitor analytics instead of hardware

Hardware as a service (HaaS) 

We have made it easy for you and included the services needed to efficiently count customers, so you can focus on your business. 




  • 3D-counter included

  • Access to Xperio

  • IMAS Count & Comparison included

  • IMAS IMAS Control & Maintenance included

  • Add additional services

  • See local prices on respective country / region site




  • 4G router with WiFi for outdoor use

  • Access to Xperio

  • ​IMAS Count & Comparison included

  • IMAS IMAS Control & Maintenance included

  • IMAS Customer Flow included

  • Add additional services

  • See local prices on respective country / region site




  • No installation required (read more here)

  • Access to Xperio

  • IMAS Count & Comparison included

  • IMAS IMAS Control & Maintenance included

  • IMAS Customer Flow included

  • Add additional services

  • See local prices on respective country / region site

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