How Do You Measure Visitors and Customers?

When measuring and analysing visitor statistics and people flows, we use either people counters that are easily set up in the ceiling, or via wireless networks that capture anonymous Wi-Fi signals from mobile telephones. Both techniques are well proven and have a high degree of reliability.

​Which technology you choose depends on what you want to measure and how the conditions look on location. It may be that the techniques advantageously complement each other.

People Counters with WIfi...

If you have large areas and want to measure places with many visitors, a people counter with WiFi is a good choice. The technology is used by many city centres, malls and shopping centres, but also by individual stores.


For example, if you already have an existing WiFi network installed and want to count the number of visitors and follow the movement patterns, the Wi-Fi technology is a very interesting alternative. If you do not have a Wi-Fi network, or need to expand your existing one, you can easily set up one using our weather-protected 4G routers that work just as well indoors and outdoors.

How THE WIFI Technology works


Count and follow visitors in a new way 

With the help of new technology, we can now easily measure large visitor flows by capturing anonymous Wi-Fi signals from, for example, smart mobile telephones. The technology, which comes from the Bumbeelabs company, is based on over 10 years of research and has been thoroughly tested and validated. If you have an existing wireless network, you can very likely get started with the measurement immediately without having to do any installations.


Benefit's People Flow wifi Counter

  • Measures large visitor flows

  • Existing WiFi network does not need installation *

  • Easy to count and follow visitors

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Skip the Installation If There is an Existing WiFi Network 

If there is already a WiFi network from one of the major suppliers, chances are good that you can get started and measure your visitors directly without having to do any installations. If you do not have a WiFi network, or need to expand your existing one, you can easily set up one using our weather-protected 4G routers that work just as well indoors and outdoors.


A Statistical Approach

People counting using WiFi networks has a statistical approach and works the same way as an opinion poll - meaning you do not ask everyone, but enough people. The system is based on an on-the-spot double-check, and then various filters (RSSI etc.) form the basis of the calculation. 

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GDPR COMPLIANT – Simple and Secure Technology

It is estimated that approximately 85% of the population has WiFi enabled on their mobile telephones. When switched on, it sends pings 15 times a minute to look for available networks. The signals are collected and sent to servers and then re-interpreted into unique visitors. The data collection and data cleaning are made completely anonymously, the only information saved is the telephone's position, and all personal data are deleted within a few microseconds. Everything is done according to GDPR regulations. 



Knowledge and Basis for Better Decision Support

When you get access to information about how the visitor moves in an environment, you get better opportunities to improve the quality of the visit. Knowledge of visitor flows also provides a more accurate picture for establishments and values. Many city centres, malls, shopping centres, airports cafes and restaurants use the system and can, for example, see how long a visitor stays and how he moves about from the time he arrives until the time he leaves.

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We Provide WiFi Measurement together with Bumbeelabs

In 2008, Bumbeelabs began developing its product to measure and track visitors using wireless networks. The work was initially initiated together with largest retail chain in Sweden to position goods and improve indoor navigation. However, around 2010, Bumbeelabs, together with Swedish city centres, came up with the idea of taking the step of developing the solution to outdoor environments. Today, IMAS and Bumbeelabs have a close exchange with each other.


Analyses and Reports via the Xperio Web Application

The information is analysed and presented in a simple way

in our Xperio web application. The user logs in via a web browser or a mobile telephone application.


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International presence

With over 30 000 installations and many hundred customers spread out across Europe and South East Asia we have established strong relations with our customers and suppliers. Our head office Nordic is located in Sweden, head office Europe in Germany and head office South-South East Asia in Thailand.


Are you ready to take your analytics to the next level? We are curious to hear about your plans and would like to help you.

satisfied customers

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„With great flexibility and the use of mixed technologies, IMAS offers suitable solutions that count accurately and reliably, which first made in-depth customer analyses possible for us.“

Hennig Schorling, 
Director of IT, B.O.C. (Bike and Outdoor Company)