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A simple system that works – IMAS Traffic light solution

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Since the outburst of the pandemic IMAS has been supporting customers with reliable and cost-efficient solutions to make sure restrictions on numbers of people are complied with. One such solution is the flexible traffic light solution, used by for example retail stores, amusement parks and swimming facilities around Germany.

Naoufal Chaghouani is Key Account Manager at IMAS and he explains the benefits and what you need to get going.

- Instead of using valuable staff resources at the entrance, that counts the number of people inconstantly, a battery driven traffic light is used. It further reduces the contact between people and it quickly saves money. That’s obviously the key points with this solution, says Naoufal.

A 3D-sensor and Xperio – that’s all you need

To get the real-time data on how many visitors there are at the premises, you need to have a 3D-sensor mounted at the entrances, it’s a plug-and-play-system and easy to install. You also need IMAS webportal Xperio and the real-time function activated.

- When you have this up and running, you are ready to use the traffic light. Network cables are not required, we provide the whole kit and make sure, the traffic light works properly. The real-time data is proven to have a very high accuracy and the whole system is very reliable, Naoufal explains.

The traffic light can be up and running within a couple of days

Thanks to the simplicity the traffic light can be delivered and put in use very quickly.

- We have customers that have been using the traffic light 2-3 days after they contacted us, it’s a very smooth process for small, medium and large companies.

Battery driven, waterproof and easy to use

The feedback from our users concerning the traffic light solution is very positive, says Naoufal.

- It’s a battery driven solution, waterproof and doesn’t require any network cables. You have to recharge the battery every 2-3 days, which can be done simply with the included charging package, that’s basically it.

In Xperio, users can see the number of visitors in real time and easily change the number of people permitted. The data is transferred to the traffic light and displays red or green light depending on the limitation set by the users in Xperio.

Benefits with the traffic light solution:

- Cost efficient

- High reliability

- Easy installation – no cables required

- Weather proof

IMAS also offers display (screen) solutions showing all the necessaries required.

Feel free to contact us today if you are curious to know more.


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