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BabySam to collect footfall and sales data in 30 stores

Denmark's largest chain for baby equipment BabySam will IMAS flexible people counting system to improve store performance in all their 30 stores. Footfall data can be used to see the number of visitors for all stores and sales data can be used to know how many visitors convert into customers.

When combining the store’s sales data with the visitor data you get the store’s conversion rate. This key performance indicator is one of the most used and helps differentiate between visitors and customers in a very simple matter. Read our KPI-guide.

About BabySam

BabySam was established in 1973 and is Denmark's largest and most innovative chain for baby equipment with a nationwide network of 30 retail stores, as well as institutional sales and a webshop.

About IMAS Group

We help and support shopping malls, retail stores, smart cities, airports, and public institutions (plus many more), collecting and understanding valuable information about visitors and customers. We have no binding time and zero hidden start fees.


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