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Basic & More collects footfall and sales data with the help of IMAS

The Danish store chain Basic & More will use visitor and sales data from IMAS Group to optimize sales. The store’s conversion rate is one of the KPIs that will be used.

The popular Danish company will at the end of this year have six stores and offers a wide variety of home and body-related products that have been overproduced or perhaps incorrectly packaged.

Basic & More has chosen IMAS Groups’ flexible people counting solution, which comes with no binding time and zero hidden start fees. In the IMAS visitor analytics tool Xperio, a wide range of productivity analyzes can be run. One of them is the store conversion rate and it can be used as a key performance indicator (KPI) to improve store operations by optimizing and increasing sales.

The conversion rate is the percentage of store visitors that make a purchase and become customers. You can read more here on how to calculate KPIs for retail and visitor analytics.

About Basic & More

The popular Danish store chain’s business model is to sell products that have been overproduced, discontinued, or incorrectly packaged. The aim is to make a difference and take responsibility for the abundance of manufactured goods around us.


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