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Blog: 3 tips for retailers on controlling sales

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Here we introduce you to how you can take control of your store's sales using statistics and some straightforward thinking.

1 Know your sales share

Nobody can sell to every person who walks by the store. Sales are dependent on a variety of factors, including the three P's of marketing literature: price, placement, and promotion. It is usually said that a store sells to 10-20 % of all customers who enters the store.

It doesn't matter if your current sales share is good or Bad. The purpose of working with footfall data is to help you understand the current relationship and improve it daily.

2 Find out when you have visitors

There are times throughout the day or the week when the sales share is high and times when it is low. You are not required to sell to the same proportion of consumers every hour, every day.

Knowing when and where your store is operating at its peak will enable you to make the most of your efforts to convert visitors into buying customers.

3 Learn how to use the numbers

When you are aware of your customer base and your sales share. What do you do with it? How can you increase your sales efforts?

Learn about these three key components and read our guide “convert visitors into customers”.


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