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Boost Sales with Data! Case Study: Unlocking Individual Store Performance in Malls

Shopping centers have long benefited from people counting technology, gaining insights into overall foot traffic and visitor flow. But what if they could delve deeper? IMAS Group proposes a new approach that unlocks individual store performance, empowering malls and tenants with a bunch of data.

The Power of Combined Technologies

Our solution merges the strengths of WiFi and 3D/AI sensor technologies. WiFi offers a cost-effective way to gather broad footfall data across large areas, while strategically placed 3D/AI sensors provide pinpoint accuracy and valuable demographic insights like age and gender.

This synergy unlocks a new level of detail:

Individual Store Traffic: See precisely how many visitors enter each store, allowing for a clearer understanding of tenant performance relative to overall mall traffic.

Conversion Rate Analysis: By integrating sales data from individual stores, malls can calculate conversion rates, identifying high and low performers and optimizing tenant mix.

Targeted Marketing & Promotions: Armed with demographic data, malls can tailor marketing campaigns and promotions to attract specific customer segments to stores that cater to them.

A Glimpse into the Future: A Shopping Center Case Study

Imagine a shopping center named "Sunway City" that implements this combined technology. They can see that while overall foot traffic is healthy, a particular clothing store has lower-than-expected visitor numbers.

Sunway City can then:

Analyze the Data: By looking at demographics and conversion rates, they discover the store caters to a younger demographic but isn't attracting them.

Targeted Action: Sunway City partners with the store to launch social media campaigns targeting the desired demographic and offers special promotions to incentivize visits.

Measure Success: With IMAS' analytics platform, Sunway City can track the campaign's impact on the store's traffic and sales, demonstrating the effectiveness of data-driven decision-making.

Benefits for All: Malls and Tenants Thrive

This approach fosters a win-win situation:

Malls: Gain a deeper understanding of tenant performance, optimize tenant mix, and create a data-driven marketing strategy to attract more customers and boost overall revenue.

Tenants: Receive valuable insights into their own foot traffic and customer demographics, allowing them to tailor promotions, optimize staffing, and improve in-store experiences.

The Future of Shopping Centers is Here

IMAS Group's combined people counting technology empowers shopping centers to move beyond basic footfall data. By unlocking individual store performance metrics, malls and tenants can work together to create a thriving retail ecosystem.

About IMAS Group

Our team is dedicated to collecting visitor data to assist businesses and organizations in making informed decisions. We utilize advanced technologies like footfall sensors, access points, and ERPs to gather this data while ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations. Learn how our services can elevate your business to new heights. IMAS Group has a global presence with offices in Europe, India, and Southeast Asia.

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