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Footfall Counting in one of the world's tallest wooden buildings

During the fall, one of the world's tallest wooden buildings was inaugurated and IMAS was commissioned to provide the spectacular wooden construction with a footfall counting system. The 20-storey building houses today many businesses.

– We want to know what our visitor flows look like and how many people we currently have in the building, says Emma Pantze, chief operating officer at Sara kulturhus.

Footfall counting in real time in one if the tallest wooden houses in the world. Photo: Skellefteå kommun

An internationally acclaimed project that houses everything from stages, libraries to spa hotels. With its 80 meters, Sara Kulturhus is one of the world’s tallest wooden buildings and we at IMAS are happy to be able to contribute information that strengthens the visitor experience and simplifies decision-making.

Fooftall DATA provides many benefits

- On the one hand, it is important for us to know how many people are in the house in real time from a fire protection perspective. We also want to give our visitors the best experience of Sara culture house as possible, it is important for us to know which entrances our visitors prefer use and over time see the flow of our visitors, Emma says.

Sara kulturhus uses IMAS ‘flexible footfall counting system where all hardware, personal support and service are included at a fixed price, without any lock-in period. Among other things, IMAS ‘popular real-time measurement is used to see the visits in real time.

Skellefteå’s resplendent new 20-story wooden cultural center is an architectural masterpiece that celebrates timber and challenges local window cleaners. Photo: Skellefteå kommun, Sven Burman.

About Sara kulturhus

Sara Kulturhus is a multifunctional house. Here, regular activities are interspersed with different types of guest performances, performances and meetings with everything from non-profit associations and amateurs to professional actors. The house also houses a brand new hotel with spa, restaurant with panoramic views and first-class accommodation.

About IMAS

IMAS has over 30 years of experience in providing public sectors and stores with information that facilitates decision-making.


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