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From Gut Feeling to Data-Driven Decisions: Torben Aksel Sørensen Guides the Way to Customer Insights, Development, and Increased Revenue

In the dynamic world of retail, every decision holds significant weight. Often, gut feelings take precedence in decision-making, overshadowing statistically gathered information. In an era where data reigns supreme, making decisions based on assumptions can cost more than we realize.

Torben Aksel Sørensen is Country Manager IMAS Group Denmark.

Cash is King - but Data is Gold

It's commonly said that "Cash is king" in retail, but data is gold and the key to unlocking the potential of stores. The difference between a slow weekend turnover and a successful one lies in the ability to gather and utilize, among other things, visitor data. Imagine having not only the information about what you've sold in your store and how many have visited, but also seeing all the potential opportunities you've missed.

IMAS Group's Data-Driven Solutions

At IMAS Group, we comprehend the intricacies of retail because that's where we come from. We offer scalable and customized solutions tailored to the unique needs and desires of your store or shopping center, and all at an affordable price. Our goal is to provide your business with access to data that eliminates excuses for poor results and establishes a data-driven foundation for decision-making and strategy.

Why Choose IMAS?

  • Tailored and Scalable Solutions: Our solutions are designed to adapt to the specific requirements of your store or center, ensuring maximum value for your investment.

  • Evaluation Expertise: Already have a solution in place? Let us evaluate it together. We can often convert existing equipment and historical data, preserving crucial information and decision-making foundations without requiring substantial new investments.

  • Consistent Updates: In a dynamic retail environment, up-to-date and accurate data is of paramount importance. We believe that, for instance, shopping centers should regularly deliver visitor data and other insights to tenants, fostering transparency and a shared foundation for strategy and future activities.

  • Comprehensive Insights: It's not just about understanding how many people enter through specific entrances. Our solutions delve deeper into customer flow, behavior, store mix, key metrics, and much more.

  • Your Data, Your Power: The time has come for retail and shopping centers to take the next step with data and begin making decisions backed by collected data. Our solutions offer more than just insight into the number of visitors and customers; they enable you to optimize offerings, plan activities, and formulate data-driven business strategies.

Let's Start a Conversation

If you've made it this far, let's talk. Contact us, and we can either book an online or physical meeting for an initial discussion, a site inspection, and a personalized solution proposal.

Explore the possibilities on our website or contact us today.

In retail, cash may be king, but data is the key to unlocking its full potential. Join the journey to ensure that data becomes the foundation for all critical decisions.

Torben Aksel Sørensen


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