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Grindsted Partners with IMAS to Enhance Visitor Experience with Footfall Data

Grindsted, Denmark - The municipality of Grindsted has chosen to partner with IMAS Group to collect footfall data. Leveraging the latest technology, including WiFi-based tracking and people counting sensors, Grindsted aims to gain comprehensive insights into visitor patterns, demographics, and movement within the city.

A cost-efficient approach: combining WiFi-technology with sensors

As part of their data collection strategy, Grindsted will utilize WiFi-technology to capture signals emitted by mobile phones, providing valuable information on visitor presence and movements.

In addition to WiFi-based tracking, Grindsted will incorporate people counting sensors to support the overall footfall data collection system.

By combining the two technologies the municipality can in cost-efficient manner understand the flow of people throughout the town, identifying popular areas and gathering data on visitor demographics.

Leveraging Footfall Data to Gain Insights into Target Groups

The solution will enable the municipality to monitor the effectiveness of the town center's large playground in attracting children during events, ensuring that the city continues to provide engaging experiences for families.

Through this partnership, Grindsted joins a growing number of forward-thinking cities that recognize the power of footfall data in shaping urban planning strategies. By harnessing insights from WiFi-technology and people counting sensors, Grindsted aims to make data-driven decisions that will lead to more efficient resource allocation, improved visitor experiences, and sustainable urban development.

About IMAS Group:

IMAS Group is provider of innovative footfall data solutions, empowering cities, businesses, and organizations to optimize operations, enhance visitor experiences, and drive growth. With cutting-edge technology and expertise in data analytics, IMAS Group enables clients to make informed decisions based on real-time insights. Read more about us.


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