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Herbarium Shopping Center uses its footfall data daily

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Herbarium Shopping Center in Stavanger, Norge, has been using IMAS analytic platform Xperio since the fall of 2019. Last year the mall increased its visitors by 28% and received 1,2 million visitors, which is one of the best stats in the region compared with centers of the same size. We asked center manager Sigve Mydland how they use their footfall data, which for example includes conversion rate.

Located close to the center of Stavanger lies the newly renovated Herbarium Shopping Center. Three years ago, the shopping center was renovated from scratch and at the same time the center started using IMAS services.

Today the shopping center receives more visitors than ever, and footfall data is being used on daily basis to monitor and follow up.

- We use it daily, for example when we talk to potential new stores and renters, they always ask what entries are being used and how the footfall traffic is.

Due to construction work, the mall has lately only been able to use one of two main entrances for car parking, despite the visitors keep coming.

– Our guests have been given 1 hour of free parking in our parking garage, which is not very common in Norway considering we are located in the center city. This has been promoted in a number of different channels, which has meant that the occupancy in our car park is on the same level as before, despite limited access.

Herbarium Shopping Center had last year 1, 2 million visitors and only holds 20 carefully selected stores.

– Based on the data we the most popular shopping destination in our region. We have a good location close to restaurants and the city center, and we have a good store mix, this makes us popular.

“The conversion rate is very interesting for us”

In Norway, all stores and shopping centers are obliged to monthly collect and report their turnover. In IMAS analytics platform Xperio the sales and footfall data are combined, and productivity analyzes can be run, such as the shopping centers’ KPI.

– Our conversion rate is currently 80%, or 8 out of 10 visitors make a purchase. For example, we have one of two wine monopoly stores in the center, and it attracts many customers. It’s very interesting to monitor the conversion rate for the whole center to make sure we are on track.

Footfall data has many areas of use

The footfall data is shared with all the stores in the center and is used on membership associations, the data is also used to gain visibility in media.

For example, recently the local newspaper mentioned that the shopping center is doing great despite one of the entrances to the car parking is closed.

Very satisfied with IMAS services

Looking ahead and into 2023 Sigve is, despite rising inflation, optimistic and can’t yet see any signs of the visitor flow slowing down.

– We are only a couple of weeks into the new year, but we have a higher number of visitors compared to last year at the same time. Expensive products might be harder to sell but so far, our center hasn’t seen any down curve yet.

Sigve has been using IMAS services for over three years and is very satisfied.

– IMAS always answers quickly, and they are eager to help out, no matter how big or small the task is. I am very satisfied with IMAS and the services they offer so we can monitor and work with our footfall data daily.


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