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Hobbii in Denmark and Germany chooses footfall counting from IMAS Group

The one-stop-shop Hobbii is the place to visit if you love knitting and living in Denmark and Germany. The yarn chain, with their 400 strong employee force, has chosen IMAS Groups flexible people counting solution to further improve the in-store-knowledge with the help of visitor analytics.

– We decided to contact IMAS because of positive references from our network. The solution offered is spot on in regard to our requests for stable and reliable people tracking, says Jesper Strøm, CRO at Hobbii.

The Danish founded webshop has been growing lately an added several physical stores, all of them equipped with some of the latest digital tools. The adding of the footfall data is a natural and important ingredient to ensure a smoother shopping experience.

– The integration of store data to our BI system worked flawlessly and IMAS delivered a hands-on swift service to allow for fastest possible uptake of the data. We are very satisfied with the new system and give our utmost recommendations to IMAS, says Jesper.

IMAS offer is unique on the Danish and German market with its flexible agreement (no lock-in period), personal support and the latest technology to ensure that the system delivers the correct information

– We are very happy that Hobbii put the trust in IMAS Group and our flexible visitor analytics solutions. They believe they will benefit a lot from the information collected and in the long run make better decision, helping the organization achieve their goals, says David Kern Sloth, Sales Director IMAS Group Denmark.

Celebrating that the restrictions are over. - We are super excited that we finally can shake hands again with our customers. We are welcoming Hobbii and we are proud to have them as a customer of IMAS Group, says David Kern Sloth.

About IMAS Group

IMAS provide information for making better decisions. We help and support shopping malls, retail stores, smart cities, airports and public institutions (plus many more), collect and understand valuable information about visitors and customers. The information is collected from people counters, footfall traffic, ERPs or other sources of information. 100% GDPR Compliant.

About Hobbii is a one-stop-shop for all yarn lovers in Denmark and Germany. They have physical stores both in Denmark and Germany. They are 400 happy and dedicated employees who do everything they can to become the Danes' favorite yarn shop. The adventure started online but has moved on to the physical channels with plans to open 60 stores within three years.


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