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How footfall data is used by a property owner: “This data surprised me”

The Norwegian real estate owner Ragde Eiendom uses IMAS analytic platform Xperio to collect and analyze footfall and sales data for their 12 shopping centers in Norway. We spoke with Daniel Størdal and Hanna Svenaeus at Ragde Eiendom on how they use the data from the people counters and cash registers.

Ragde Eiendom uses the number of visitors and turnover registration to monitor their shopping centers, and support tenants and the marketing department in better understanding the customer flow.

Daniel Størdal is a property manager at Ragde Eiendom, and he is responsible for the Trysil center, Strømsø center, and Linden park.

- I give tenants a map of the current and previous period and forecasts of the coming one including the number of visitors and turnover. I also provide the marketing department with footfall data so that they can plan their activities and use their resources when best needed.

Trysil center is a popular ski destination, and this means that some periods are very busy compared to others. For Daniel and the tenants at Trysil, the footfall data is perhaps extra important.

- The footfall data is so valuable for Trysil center with its seasonal changes. Staffing and planning become even more important.

“The footfall data surprised me”

Besides making planning more efficient the footfall data has also surprised him and given him and his tenants evidence that everything is not always as you think they are, or read in the newspapers.

- Due to the high energy prices the media have been writing about fewer people using their cabins because it’s too expensive, this would lead to fewer visitors and customers for us.

But the data Daniel collects show something different.

- During the fall and the winter, we have seen the same amount of traffic and turnover as in previous periods and this has surprised me a lot and shows that things are not always the way you think they are.

Downloads the footfall data to Excel

When he works with the data, he downloads reports from Xperio and analyses them in Excel.

- It suits my needs well. I can present and work with the data the way I prefer it. It’s easy to use and I am pleased with the solution.

She supports all centers and has contact with IMAS

Hanna Svenaeus is head of administration at Ragde Eiendom and supports the centers in reporting their turnover, she also has contact with IMAS when for example a user needs to be added or something needs to be changed.

- I think it works very well, IMAS always provides fast service and answers quickly. It’s easy to use the Xperio platform.
- Each month we use a tailor-made report where we see all centers and their store. I send this to several people within our organization.

The turnover data is also every month distributed to an organization that tracks the index for all shopping centers in Norway.

About Ragde Eiendom

Ragde Eiendom AS group holds approximately 1.950 million square meters of commercial property. The company is mainly active in Norway and the cities of Oslo and Bergen, they also hold buildings in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

About IMAS Group

We help and support the retail and public sectors to collect and understand valuable information about visitors and customers. The data is collected from people counters, footfall traffic, ERPs or other sources of information.


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