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"I want to make IMAS products available to everyone" - Fritz Dimmlich new Regional Director

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

We welcome an innovative and experienced employee to IMAS. Fritz Dimmlich will be responsible for our Nordic operations and contribute, among other things, with new ways of thinking in order to create an even better product that all IMAS users will benefit from.

Fritz has a long and solid experience from leading positions in the retail business and has on daily basis worked with important key figures.

- Being able to give insight into how people move, is something that is becoming more and more important in order to contribute to a greater overall experience for visitors.

Fritz says that he sees a huge potential and demand for information about how people move, regardless of whether they walk or transport themselves in another way.

- I want to make the information that IMAS provides even more understandable and, above all, available to everyone in the organisation, so that you can work with them in a practical way.

He highlights IMAS 'new Staff Planner as a very good example of a product that makes a big difference to the business.

- The store's staff schedule is based on a clear conversion goal instead of the classic one where you should have enough people inside so everyone can have lunch or receive deliveries. It's about putting the customer first and giving the staff the possibilities to actually be able to do it.

Fritz, like many others, believes that AI technology will contribute to more differentiated and accurate human data.

- We see that there is more and more information in our products and services. Everything from height, adults vs children, how long you stay in a certain area. Another current example is that we have a technology that can determine whether you wear a face mask or not - in real time.


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