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ICA Stores Choose Real-Time Occupancy

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

ICA is one of the leading retail companies in the Nordic region. I December ten ICA stores in Sweden have chosen to sign an agreement with IMAS in order to count exactly how many customers are in the store at any given moment. - The grocery stores have chosen our flexible agreement without a lock-in period, now we welcome even more ICA retailers to contact us to get started with the service, says Fritz Dimmlich, Regional Director Nordic at IMAS.

More and more retail stores, shopping centers and public institutions are choosing real-time occupancy to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. The ICA stores that signed an agreement with IMAS during December now have full control over the number of visitors and can easily track the number of visitors via a web portal and adjust the maximum number of visitors.

- The service is a great security for both the staff and the visitors as information can be used to make a proactive decision regarding the number of visitors, says Fritz Dimmlich.

- IMAS offer is unique on the market with its flexible agreement (no lock-in period), personal support and the latest technology to ensure that the system delivers the correct information, says Fritz.

Information can, if desired, be displayed on screens or automatically handle traffic lights at the entrance. A green light shows when it is ok to enter the store and a red light when the store has reached the maximum number of people allowed.

ICA stores in Sweden that have chosen real-time occupancy:

Tips to make people counting work in real time:

  • Think holistically.

  • For the system to be able to deliver correct figures, we recommend that all entrances, exits and lifts as well as personnel routes have people counters.

  • Choose high-quality people counters (in our package we offer market-leading people counters with 3D technology).

This is how real-time measurement works with the help of customer counters / visitor counters:

  • 3D people counter is easily mounted in all entrances and exits (incl. Elevator and staff entrances)

  • The people counters send data directly to the IMAS web portal Xperio, which performs calculations and checks all sensors.

  • Via the web portal, the visitor limit is specified.

  • If the limit is reached, Xperio automatically sends messages and shows red, which allows you to make adjustments quickly and easily.

  • It is possible to follow the number of visitors in real time via mobile, tablet or computer.

  • Real-time information can be presented in the desired format, for example on screens at the entrance.

  • Automatic stop light functions and screens at the entrance are easy to connect.

About ICA

ICA is one of the Nordic region's leading retail companies with over 2,000 stores in Sweden and the Baltic region.

About IMAS

We help and support shopping mall operators, retail chains, cities and public institutions (plus many more), collect and understand valuable information about visitors and customers. The information is collected from people counters, footfall traffic, ERPs or other sources of information. 100% GDPR Compliant.


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