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IMAS Group Teams Up with Deutsche Telekom for Next-Level Insights

With the partnership with Deutsche Telekom, IMAS Group is ready to take visitor data collection to the next level. Leveraging a blend of sensors, WiFi, radar, and Telekom data, IMAS Group strengthens its offerings, facilitating more accurate tracking of visitor flow for refined shopping, tourism, and traffic analyses.

For years, IMAS has provided real-time data on number of visitors, visitor demographics, flow, and dwell time. With this partnership, shopping centers, retailers and cities gain access to analytics revealing unique visitor proportions, origins, and drive time zones.

"Tracking visitor flow has never been more precise and effortless," says Susanne Neumann, Regional Director of IMAS Group Germany. "Our collaboration with Deutsche Telekom enables us to offer a wide set of data combinations, giving users access to monitor visitor and traffic movement effectively."

"In partnership with the IMAS Group, we are enhancing the capabilities of advanced visitor analytics to a new level,” says Tino Bliesener, Squad Lead Data Products & Motion Data of Deutsche Telekom.

“By combining established visitor analysis methods with Deutsche Telekom's anonymized mass movement data and IMAS's intelligent analytics tools, we can provide unprecedented insights into visitor behavior and movement patterns. Together, we empower businesses and cities to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and improve the customer experience. Our solutions are aimed at a wide range of industries, including retail, public transport, and tourism. We are excited to offer our users this next level of precision and effectiveness."

Enhancing City & Retail Analytics

In addition to footfall data collection, cities and retail establishments can generate analytics reports, detailing unique visitors, spending power, and drive time zones. City analytics categorize visitors and monitor various traveller categories such as share of arrivals, day tourists, overnighters, departures, commuters and inhabitants, aiding cities in optimizing tourism analytics, major events and public transportation.

Integrating Motion Data into Our Advanced People-Counting System

Deutsche Telekom's Motion Data offers statistical evaluations from anonymised mobile network signaling data, furnishing valuable insights into mass movement patterns for regional and international clients.

With the combine data collected IMAS users can access a spectrum of key performance indicators (KPIs), facilitating data-driven decision-making and tailored offerings to meet visitor and customer needs.

About IMAS Group:

IMAS Group is a leading provider of visitor analytics solutions, assisting businesses in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to optimize operations and enrich customer experiences. Driven by innovation and customer satisfaction, IMAS Group delivers cutting-edge solutions that foster growth and success.

Susanne Neumann, Regional Director of IMAS Group Germany.


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