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IMAS to join Xovis partner presentation at EuroShop

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

IMAS will join Xovis Partner Presentation at Xovis booth at the 2023 edition of EuroShop, in Düsseldorf, Germany. IMAS Groups CEO Peter Nicolaus and key account manager Naoufal Chaghouani will showcase IMAS analytics portal Xperio.

How a shopping center and retail chain use conversion rate in daily work

See how a German center management operator and a leading Nordic watch and goldsmith chain can monitor and practically work with their footfall and sales data. Both use their store’s conversion rate and the system can for example measure and forecast productivity and staff hours needed.

CEO Peter Nicolaus and key account manager Naoufal Chaghouani

When and where

The presentation will be at the Xovis booth at 11 am on Tuesday, 28th February 2023. The Xovis space is located at Hall 6 / A27 and will be a lively junction for industry professionals and journalists tracking how behavioral analytics is transforming the retail industry.

Learn more about how shopping centers and retail chains use data in daily work

Read more about how a center management operator can use the store’s footfall and sales data and gain insights into the shopping center’s individual and overall performance.

Read more about IMAS Staff & Sales Forecasting tool that prognoses and optimizes store performance by combining people counting and sales data, making the retail store perform at its optimal level every day, all year round.

About IMAS Group

IMAS Group helps and supports the retail and public sector to collect and understand valuable information about visitors and customers. IMAS has made over 30 000 installations and has hundreds of customers spread across Europe and Southeast Asia.

About Xovis

Xovis is a market-leading technology company that develops, produces and distributes 3D sensors and related software solutions for precise counting and analysis of people flow worldwide


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