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Norway's largest watch and goldsmith chain invests in staff planning tool linked to visits and sales

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

BJØRKLUND is Norway's largest watch and goldsmith chain and has in recent years invested in efficient IT solutions, visitor counters and conversion goals to increase profitability. The chain is now testing a completely new staff planning tool that staffs based on the number of visits and sales statistics - a tool that is revolutionary in many ways.

BJØRKLUND was founded in 1992 by watchmaker Helge Bjørklund, who still has an active role in the chain.

- To succeed as a chain, it must be done in agreement and good cooperation with those who work in the store and are closest to the customer, says Helge.

IMAS has now implemented BJØRKLUND's proprietary tools in IMAS 'web portal Xperio. This means that the chain's XL tool is now integrated with all other reports in IMAS 'own portal Xperio (eg number of visits, visitor flows, demographics, etc.)

BJØRKLUND is now conducting a test in selected stores where staffing is planned with the help of information on the number of visitors outside and inside the store as well as set conversion goals.

- The result so far looks very good. Today we know how many people that pass outside and how large a share that enters store (capture rate), we also now the number of people that purchase something (conversion rate). The store's staff know that data and can plan the work in a more efficient way, Helge explains.

BJØRKLUND is currently building a report that will show planned sales vs the actual sales.

- Through it, we get a deviation tool, which will be very helpful in our development program for the store's staff. It is in many ways a revolutionary tool, says Helge.

Helge Bjørklund himself has about 20 years of experience as a salesman in a store, which is clearly seen in the company's sales and efficiency reports. For many years, the chain, together with the employees in the stores, has developed a tool in XL to measure visits and efficiency in the stores.

- A few years ago, we did a development work in close collaboration with IMAS, which updated the tool with information about the number of visitors and helped to further develop the platform.

Helge's own experience as a salesman says that a day in the store with too many staff waiting for customers will be a boring and bad day for everyone.

- To achieve a balanced and profitable day, the staff planning tool must be used with common sense. Too many or too few employees in the store can be just as bad, Helge concludes.

Facts about BJØRKLUND

BJØRKLUND operates in a capital-intensive craft industry which, according to Helge Bjørklund, requires a good and efficient operating organization with skilled employees.

The company is a franchise chain, but also has a number of chain-owned stores.

All stores are organized through a chain office owned and managed by BJØRKLUND NORGE A / S.

The chain office covers all stores' daily needs in operations, IT, logistics workshop, etc. You also have your own online store.


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