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Popular art museum counts visitors with IMAS

Prince Eugene's Waldemarsudde, one of Sweden's most visited art museums, has chosen to count its visitors with the help of IMAS flexible people counting system. "We needed more accurate statistics on the number of visitors and the choice fell on IMAS", says Mikael Kirsch, Head of Security at Prince Eugene Waldemarsudde.

Waldemarsudde has upgraded its people counting system. Photo- © -Yanan-Li

The historic museum at Djurgården in Stockholm has approximately 120,000 - 150,000 paying visitors annually and together with the museum's castle park of 7 hectares, the museum has an estimated 400,000 visitors yearly.

“IMAS received good recommendations”

The museum has chosen to use IMAS 'flexible people counting system where hardware, personal support and service are included at a fixed price, without any lock-in period.

- We have chosen people counting from IMAS since they received good recommendations from our network, says Mikael.

The museum needed a more reliable technique to count its visitors.

- The statistics are of course important to us, they are for example being shared with the authority for cultural analysis here in Sweden, which monitors the number of museum visitors, Mikael says.

Prince Eugene Waldemarsudde, which was originally home to Prince Eugene (1865–1947), is today one of Sweden's most visited art museums. The museum is beautifully located on Djurgården, Stockholm.

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