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Real Time Occupancy at Fashion Island Mall Bangkok

The Fashion Island Mall in Bangkok, Thailand, has been using Real time Occupancy API from IMAS since May 2020. The shopping mall, one of the biggest in South-East Asia, started using the system early and took several measures to prevent the spread of Corona.

- In December a second wave of the Corona virus hit Thailand and the system has come to good use during this period, says Monthira Boonpharawd, Country Manager at IMAS Group Thailand.

All visitors and staff must have their body temperature checked before entering the shopping center.

With the help of API from IMAS Real Rime Occupancy system, the number of visitors is displayed on screens inside Fashion Island. If the maximum limit is reached visitors must wait and que in a secure matter.

Monthira explains that stores and malls in Thailand, as in many countries around the globe, must have preventive measures and standards to let visitors inside.

Fashion Island has taken several preventive measurements to make sure customers are safe. For example:

  1. All visitors and staff must wear a medical mask before entering the shopping center

  2. All visitors and staff must have their body temperature checked before entering the shopping center.

  3. All visitor and staff must wash hands with alcohol gel before entering

  4. All visitors must register to verify identity by scanning QR CODE in accordance with government measures.

Tips to make people counting work in real time:

  • Think holistically.

  • For the system to be able to deliver correct figures, we recommend that all entrances, exits and lifts as well as personnel routes have people counters.

  • Choose high-quality people counters (in our package we offer market-leading people counters with 3D technology).

This is how real-time measurement works with the help of customer counters / visitor counters:

  • 3D people counter is easily mounted in all entrances and exits (incl. Elevator and staff entrances)

  • The people counters send data directly to the IMAS web portal Xperio, which performs calculations and checks all sensors.

  • Via the web portal, the visitor limit is specified.

  • If the limit is reached, Xperio automatically sends messages and shows red, which allows you to make adjustments quickly and easily.

  • It is possible to follow the number of visitors in real time via mobile, tablet or computer.

  • Real-time information can be presented in the desired format, for example on screens at the entrance.

  • Automatic stop light functions and screens at the entrance are easy to connect.

About IMAS

We help and support shopping mall operators, retail chains, cities and public institutions (plus many more), collect and understand valuable information about visitors and customers. The information is collected from people counters, footfall traffic, ERPs or other sources of information. 100% GDPR Compliant.


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