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SPORTMASTER to collect footfall data with IMAS

IMAS Group Denmark has considerably expanded its business during 2022 providing information such as footfall and sales to retail stores and the public sector. One of the latest companies to join IMAS is the Danish sport-chain SPORTMASTER with some 75 stores in Denmark. The first rollout has been completed and the successful sport-chain is using footfall data to improve daily business.

– SPORTMASTER can now see data on how many visitors they have, this is the foundation when collecting footfall data. They also, for example, can track and monitor the store’s conversion rate, in other words, how many of the visitors make a purchase and convert into customers, says David Kern Sloth, Sales Director at IMAS Group Denmark.

Successful rollout

After testing different footfall suppliers, SPORTMASTER decided that IMAS solutions were the best-fitting choice for their business needs.

The first of two rollout phases took place and finished at the end of 2022 and by now almost half of the stores are equipped with the latest people-counting sensors.

- We feel that we have been supported all the way, David and Torben from IMAS have been there the whole time and the rollout has been delivered on time.

The process has been fantastic right from the start. We have been given the value we were looking for and I give my best recommendations, says Martin Rasmussen, at SPORTMASTER.

Footfall data without any binding time

SPORTMASTER has chosen IMAS Groups’ flexible people counting solution, which comes with no binding time and zero hidden start fees. In IMAS analytics platform Xperio, a wide range of productivity analyzes can be run. One of them is the store conversion rate and it can be used as a key performance indicator (KPI) to improve store operations by optimizing and increasing sales.

The second rollout of the final stores will take place during the first half of 2023.


SPORTMASTER is the consumer’s favorite sport-chain. They have 75 stores in Denmark and a online store. SPORTMASTER is part of Frasers Group which operates over 800 stores in the UK and around 500 stores across Europe.

About IMAS Group

We help and support the retail and public sectors to collect and understand valuable information about visitors and customers. The data is collected from people counters, footfall traffic, ERPs or other sources of information.


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