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Summer Adventures Await: A Visitor's Journey with IMAS Customers (Including My Vacation Plans)

Hello everyone, the sun is shining (or will be soon, fingers crossed) across Europe, and the summer buzz is already in the air! Before heading on my own summer vacation, I got to thinking about how visitors and customers behave during this vibrant season. But instead of the usual data-driven approach, I decided to write about my own summer itinerary – a visitor's perspective passing by some of IMAS customers.

DIY Dreams & Hornbach Adventures: Summer traditionally sees a surge in foot traffic at hardware stores across Europe, and our customer Hornbach is a prime example. With more free time and hopefully some sunshine, people are eager for outdoor projects. Speaking of which, I'm in the starting process of building a greenhouse! Wish me luck with this project – I might need it! A trip to Hornbach for materials and tools is definitely on the agenda.

Midsummer Memories & Skansen Exploration: Midsummer (which just passed this weekend) is a huge celebration in Sweden. Our long-term customer, Skansen in Stockholm, the world's oldest open-air museum, had a huge crowd of visitors during the Midsummer festivities!! Having lived in Stockholm for many years, I fondly remember enjoying Midsummer at Skansen with my young children. It was always a delightful cultural experience.

Vacation Vibes & Island Hopping: Footfall data can predict busy periods in tourist hotspots across Europe. Understanding these peaks helps businesses optimize staffing for a smooth summer rush! This applies to retailers in both bustling cities like Oslo, Norway (where our headquarters reside) and charming coastal communities like Ringkøbing Fjord, Denmark (another valued customer) which truly explodes with visitors during the summer months.

For my vacation, I am heading to the Koster Islands for a nature camping experience. It is a beautiful archipelago nestled near the Swedish-Norwegian border. I am sure our customer Västsvenska Turistrådet will be happy to have me there!

Animal Encounters & Family Fun: My sons' classmates have been buzzing about a visit to Kolmården Wildlife Park in Sweden, they are also an IMAS customer and home to countless animals and a roller coaster that might leave you breathless (I sure hope!). While a family trip to Kolmården Wildlife Park isn't on the agenda for this year (gotta finish that greenhouse..), it's definitely something to look forward to in the future.

I wish you the best summer you possibly can get.

Hjalmar Brage, Marketing and Communication at IMAS Group


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