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Teknikmagasinet provides customers with better service and offers with the help of people counters

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The Swedish and Norwegian retail chain Teknikmagasinet will count its customers and visitors with the help of people counting services from IMAS.

– In addition to planning the staffing, it is important for us to be able to manage our offers, says Olle Müller, Head of Sales Development at Teknikmagasinet.

All Teknikmagasinet stores will soon be equipped with people counters to better meet visitors' needs.

– It has been very smooth with the contact with IMAS, says Olle Müller, Head of Sales Development at Teknikmagasinet.

– It is an honor that Teknikmagasinet has given us this assignment. The agreement is proof that we can offer the market a flexible and tailored product for a fixed monthly fee without any binding periods, says customer manager Tobias Henriksen at IMAS.

Teknikmagasinet wants to use customer counters (as they are also called) to create better planning and increase understanding of its marketing efforts.

– We invest in being able to offer our customers better service and offers. For example, we can plan our staffing based on when we have the most customers, but also monitor and control our marketing efforts with the help of the information from the customer counters, says Olle.

Via IMAS 'own web portal Xperio, Teknikmagasinet will be able to access reports and information from the people counters.

About Teknikmagasinet

Teknikmagasinet is a Swedish-based retail company selling consumer electronics and gadgets ranging from the latest hi-tech products such as smartphones and tablets to cool gadgets and party costumes. 

Currently the chain includes 87 physical stores in Sweden and Norway, as well as an online web store for each of the two countries.


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