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The Life Store Grandpa takes next step with people counters

Grandpa store in central Stockholm equipped with people counters from IMAS.

The Scandinavian Life Store Grandpa is one of Sweden's most established mini-store chains with a focus on fashion and home furnishings. To take the next step in the development, the chain is now investing in a people counter system from IMAS. - We want to back up the gut feeling with people counters for our physical stores, says CEO Jonas Skommevik.

Since April, Jonas has been CEO of the store chain, which has stores in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. He says that it is quite unusual with physical people counters for this type of smaller lifestyle stores.

- In our segment it’s my guess that you mostly trust your gut feeling and skip the statistics, I would say. For an online store it’s of course a standard to know your visitor data, and it should of course be the case for physical stores as well. Now it’s time for us to make a difference and start collecting visitor data from our physical stores as well, says Jonas.

Information from people counters helps to create structure

Grandpa currently has four physical stores and an e-commerce store. Jonas, who himself has a past from the online world, says that the chain has many good things that they want to be in more control over.

- For us, creativity and gut feeling are important, but we want to be able to back it up with actual data. When we combine these, we will be able to do our job much better and be more creative. With the help of structure and data, we want to create even greater freedom, says Jonas.

Before choosing IMAS Grandpa scanned the market for people counting solutions that would fit their need, IMAS 'flexibility and practice of working with customers of this size where some of the most important parameters.

- We are not that big, but it has been easy for us to get started and start counting our visitors.

The first visitor data has been very insightful

- When we looked at the visitor data for the month of August (the first full month) it was a very insightful experience. We have only just begun our work, but with the help of visitor data, we have already been able to draw valuable analyzes and conclusions.

Connect the information from people counters with the cash register system

During the autumn, Grandpa will connect the information from the people counters with its POS system to easily follow and work with the most important KPI:s, which in addition to the number of visitors, include conversion rate and basket size.

About IMAS

We help and support shopping malls, retail stores, smart cities, airports and public institutions (plus many more), collect and understand valuable information about visitors and customers.

Our people counting services have neither a lock-in period nor any start-up fees. Contact us and we will tell you more.


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