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The world's largest half marathon: 'Visitor data is a critical for us.'

For the second year in a row, Göteborgsvarvet has taken the help of IMAS Group to collect visitor data for its visitor and exhibition area Göteborgsvarvet Expo. Christofer Niklasson at Göteborgsvarvet tells us here about how the competition and the exhibitors on site use visitor data to be able to streamline their work.

In May, over 50,000 runners took part in this year's edition of Göteborgsvarvet. In addition to a major public party in the port city of Gothenburg, it is one of the world's largest half marathons in terms of the number of participants. With so many people on the move, Göteborgsvarvet has chosen to collect visitor data to streamline work and planning.

Visitor data is important for both the organizer and the exhibitors

Christofer says that both the competition and its exhibitors tend to staff in much the same way as in previous years without visitor data, but with the statistics at hand it becomes clear when and where changes need to be made.

"For us, visitor data is a very important foundation. For example, we look at the visitor flows to the number bib distribution, and with that information we can plan our staffing for future years more effectively."

"For our exhibitors, it also adds great value to have access to visitor data, both in the planning process and for continued investments in Göteborgsvarvet," says Christofer.

From a safety point of view, visitor data also adds great value to the organizer as they know exactly how many people are on the premises.

A successful collaboration

After two years with IMAS, Christofer can summarize the collaboration with IMAS as successful.

"We get the visitor data and the help we need so I can only say that it works great with IMAS," concludes Christofer.

About IMAS Group:

IMAS Group is a leading provider of visitor analytics solutions, assisting businesses in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to optimize operations and enrich customer experiences. Driven by innovation and customer satisfaction, IMAS Group delivers cutting-edge solutions that foster growth and success.


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