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Turnover registration and real time people counting at Norwegian shopping center

Røa Torg in Oslo, Norway, has chosen to count its visitors in real time using the latest people counter solution from IMAS. The new shopping center will also use IMAS 'solution for turnover registration (IBS) of POS data from the stores. The combination gives the shopping center a whole range of new data to run analyzes, the retail conversation rate is one such example. The solution comes without binding time and start-up fee.

Røa Torg will use turnover registration and real time occupancy

Røa Torg was early in the construction phase aware that they wanted people counting and had a separate network solution designed in the customer counting center. After installing sensors with the latest people counting technology, Røa Torg can now measure the number of visitors in and out of the center in real time.

- People counting with real time occupancy is a great security for both employees and visitors in Røa Torg, we always know how many are inside the premises, says Gry Eklund Strat, marketing manager Røa Torg.

People counting and turnover registration provide new opportunities for shopping centers

When you combine people counting with turnover registration (IBS), you open up a whole range of new opportunities to improve the knowledge of your visitors.

- You can make better and deeper analyzes of visiting and buying behavior. For example, you can now see how many of your visitors that actually bought something, this KPI is called the retail conversation rate (number of receipts / customers). It is an invaluable tool for both malls and stores, says Edward H. Valholm, Key Account Manager at IMAS.

Here you can read more about IMAS people counting system

About Røa Torg

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About IMAS Group

For over 30 years, we have helped stores, shopping malls and public actors collect and understand information about their customers and visitors. The information comes from visitor counters, business systems and other data sources. IMAS is one of the leading players in Europe when it comes to counting visitors, and today has offices in Germany, India, Thailand and Indonesia.


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