This 2D visitor counter from MegaCount is both small and easy to use with accuracy up to 95%. The counter uses movement detection against a static background. The DSP processor receives the image from the sensor, calculates all the movement changes in relation to the background, and based on a built-in algorithm distinguishes customers, tracks them within the coverage area while discounting false objects, shadows, and specks of lights. The processor stores all the gathered data and then transfers it to a data processing system. 


MegaCount 2D people counter is suited for:

  • Indoor used - shopping centers, retail chains with low traffic
  • Those who need a small size of people counter



  • To (S)FTP/HTTP(S) servers
  • To the OMEGA CLOUD:
  • In/Out values
  • Passersby counting
  • Heatmaps
  • Tracking maps
  • Customer photo

MegaCount, 2D people counting sensor

    • A colour camera
    • A colour CMOS sensor that supports HDR
    • Virtual 3D ASSIS primary data processing algorithm
    • A single core DSP processor
    • DSP BIOS software
    • FLASH memory 8Gb
    • Automated adaptation to outside lighting, whether it’s dark, sunny, or there are light specks
    • Acquisition and recording of data with the interval starting at 1 minute
    • Dimensions filters
    • Up to six tracking detectors in various combinations
    • Supporting PoE 48V
    • Impact-resistant ABS plastic cover, colour white, black or gray — 95mm х 65mm х 25mm (3.7in х2.5in х 0.9in) IP60
    • Automatic control of downloaded data
    • Supporting FTP, SNTP, DNS, HTML, TFTP
    • Download in TXT, CSV, XML, JSON, JPG (tracking, heatmaps)
    • Automatic upgrade of TFTP firmware
    • No license restrictions
    • Installation angle +/- 45°
    • Automatic movement detection
    • Automatic positioning against the floor
    • Passive fanless cooling
    • Doesn’t require additional service after installation and calibration
    • 1-year warranty
    • Manufacturer — MegaCount