This people counter from Megacount is based on IR technology and developed for customers in shops, cafés, restaurants, and shops. The two devices are completely wireless and are powered by two AA batteries that have a lifespan of up to one year. 


The people counters come as two blocks and are installed at the sides of the entrance. Counting occurs when two IR beams between the blocks are crossed. Each beam represents either alignment or alignment, enabling accurate counting in each direction.

Each counter holds two 1.5V AA batteries. The information is transmitted to the ETH modem via a radio channel and later to a server.


Energy efficiency - battery works for more than a year

Long service life from 1.5 V AA batteries is achieved due to using energy-efficient processors by SILABS (USA), which allows the device to work for more than a year on one battery set.

  • Power consumption in sleeping mode: 4 uA
  • Power consumption when active: 40 uA
  • Cortex ARM


Megacount Omega is suited for:

  • Places where is low-traffic
  • Easy to assemble and install

Megacount Omega, IR - people counting sensor

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