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IMAS Public & Facility Management

We help and support smart cities, buildings, public transport, airportseventslibraries, museums, and many more to collect visitor data. 

“Affordable price and good customer service”

Anders Baagland, City manager Middelfart And Danish Cities Trades


Analytic services

We offer analytics services and business solutions that provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions. To use our visitor analytics platform, you will need to have both Count & Comparison and Control & Maintenance. You can choose the tools that interest you and we will ensure that you have the necessary techniques to measure and track your visitors and customers effectively.


Always included

Count & comparison

  • Count visitors in and out.

  • Generate reports and analyze footfall data to improve your business.

  • Compare periods.

  • Customizable dashboard.

  • Entrance analysis.

  • Hourly updates. 

  • Weather data for each day 

  • Add your own comments 

  • And much more


Always included

Control & Maintenance

  • Support and Service

  • Secure data collection

  • Proactive support.

  • Personalized service.

  • Database monitoring.


Passenger Counting System

  • Count the number of passengers boarding and alighting from buses or trains in real-time. 

  • Manage passenger loads
    Plan routes and meet demands.

  • Real time data
    Monitor for proactive services
    Integration with 3rd party systems



  • Track people flow.

  • Improve customer experience and find out how visitors move in the store/area: 

  • Maps and lines

  • Visualize cold and hot zones

  • Pathways, etc.


Export API

  • Retrieve and transmit data to and from the system.

  • Customize based on your needs to manage data. 

  • API export.






Real-time Occupancy


Validation Counting


Queue Management

  • Collect demographics Optimize visitor and customer experience.

  • Find out how many are:

  • Men and women 

  • Children and adults

  • Time spent in a certain area. 

  • Optimize space and gain a deeper understanding of visitor behaviour  

  • Average Dwelltime

  • Gain full control over Monitor the number of visitors in real-time: 

  • Occupancy levels

  • Ensure compliance with capacity limits

  • Maintain a comfortable environment for your visitors

  • Display solutions 

  • Automatic notifications

  • Traffic lights 

  • Manual control counting.

  • Verify and optimize sensor configurations.

  • Manual validation counting

  • Monitor queuing

  • Reduce queuing and increase customer experience    

  • Queue detection

  • Notification


people flow smart cities

Information on the number of visitors and people flow is crucial when developing and improving a city.


With the help of information from sensors, we can track and monitor how changes within the city affect the people flow and number of visitors.


With this knowledge, we can make decisions based on statistics. 


Whether you want to start measuring today or have done it for many years, we have solutions and services that will fit your needs.

Friends in the City
Modern Building

Buildings, real estate, and facility management  

Real estate owners and facility management companies can use visitor & footfall data to optimize their investment, both when planning new buildings and when making sure that the buildings are used in an efficient way. 

Public transport, airports and stations

With the help of intelligent access points and connected sensors, you can easily track visitor flow and collect data on the number of passengers entering and exiting for example a bus or a train cart. 

Happy Traveler

Car Parking System

Digitalize the parking space. We offer reliable and cost-efficient car parking solutions for cities, property owners, shopping centers, retail stores and the parking management sector.

Events, Fairs & Exhibitions

Where do visitors at events, fairs, and exhibitions stay, and for how long time, what are the peak hours, and how many are the visitors?

Image by Teemu Paananen
Image by Gabriel Sollmann


Know the footfall traffic and demographics into the library. Identify popular areas within the library. 


There are many benefits for a museum to collect visitor analytics information. 

Find out when the visitors arrive and leave, how many they are, and where in the museum visitors prefer to stay.

Image by Gabriel Sollmann

All in xperio

Through our Xperio web application, it is easy for the user to produce reports with visitor statistics by hour, day, week, month and year. It is also easy to see what times and weekdays most visitors come to the store.  

People Counting as a service

When you choose IMAS People Counting as a Service you don’t need to buy any hardware. We will provide you with the latest People Counters and make sure everything is setup correctly so that you can focus on your core business. Personal service and support are included as well as access to our own analytic management system Xperio, you choose what services you want to include and then you are ready to start collecting the data.

Contact us today, we are here to help and guide you.

Help Center

How can we help you?

From us you can buy market leading people counters or pay a fixed monthly fee where everything is included for you to make visitor analytics, without any binding time or start fees. 

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We are looking forward talking to you.

International presence

With over 30 000 installations and many hundred customers spread out across Europe and South East Asia we have established strong relations with our customers and suppliers. Our head office Nordic is located in Sweden, head office Europe in Germany and head office South-South East Asia in Thailand.

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