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Self-scan to see the validity of Covid certificates (EU and Switzerland)

Self-check-in for Covid certificates

The IMAS ScanMe Certificate Scanner consists of a tension frame, a scanner and speakers, as well as a 15-inch display to show the validity of the certificate.

A tablet attached under the scanner with instructions makes it easy for customers and visitors to scan and place their certificate

The system checks that both digital and printed certificates are valid:
A valid certificate is scanned and the monitor display changes to green and a drop tone sounds for entry.


If an invalid certificate is scanned, the monitor display changes to red and a signal tone is heard by staff.

The instructional video displayed in the tablet can, for an additional fee, be adapted to your own appearance.

The IMAS ScanMe certificate scanner offers optimal support for salespeople and security staff at the entrance.

Image by Christian Lue

see the validity of Covid certificates

  • Self-scan to see the validity of Covid certificates (EU and Switzerland)

  • Customize the look with your own color and logo

Image by Fidel Fernando


  • Easy and intuitive to use for customers and visitors

  • Voice control that helps staff and customers
    Reduces workload and guarantees effective access control
    • Reduces the extra burden on staff and costs
    • The scanning process guarantees customer-friendly, contact-free and efficient access contro

Does it sound interesting?

Technical specifications:

  • The system only needs one power connection

  • The light and stable construction enables easy installation and smooth handling

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