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Footfall Data
Shopping Centers


The purpose of a shopping center is to offer stores as high a proportion of potential buyers as possible. To do this, the store center needs to know, among other things, the number of visitors, conversion targets and how the visitors move about on location. Here we go through some examples of what you can measure so that both the center and stores develop, 

Whether you want to start measuring today or have done it for many years, we have solutions and services that will fit your needs. With the help of information from visitor counters, you create better conditions for making decisions that lead to a better visitor experience and increased sales for business.

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The first step in checking and improving sales in a shopping center is to know how many customers are coming in through the doors. If you do not have a control state as a point of departure, it is impossible to say which changes actually produce results.

This is the basic. If you want to take it one step further and measure a store or a shopping centers capture rate you also need to measure the traffic outside the store/shopping center. When you have booth the inside and the outside figures the capture rate gives you a percentage number to work and measure against.


In addition to measuring how many people stepped into a or passed by, it can be very interesting to find out how many of the visitors actually bought something in shopping center. This is called conversion rate (% of sales of visiting customers) and this have proven to be a very effective method for productivity increases. Many projects over the years have yielded significant revenue gains for shopping centers. 

Check out the most important thermelogy and KPIs used within footfall data.  

SOUNDS GREAT. What kind of services do you offer?


Visitors move in different ways, but trends can be quickly identified. Having access to statistically collected information about business patterns and places visited is crucial in order to offer visitors a better experience in a shopping centre. Is it easy enough for the visitor to find the restaurant part? How do the new stores affect the number of visitors? In what zones do visitors move? What is the gender distribution and number of adults and children?

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Real-time Occupancy IN the CEnter

For a shopping centre, it is important to know how many people are inside the centre at the given moment; for example, it may be good to have access to this information from a security perspective. With our service, you can see directly through the web portal how many visitors are inside. For example, you can set a limit and get notifications when that limit is reached.​

IMPROVE the Stores

Collaboration is the way forward for successful shopping centers and stores. Either you can offer the stores reports and improvement measures to increase in-store sales or you can work in close collaboration with the store. The closer the cooperation between all of the players within the mall, the better conditions that are created. Using validated information from visitor counters makes it easier to make decisions that ultimately create better stores and an optimal mix of store.

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High Reliability and GDPR

The technology and services we use are highly reliable and have been extensively tested for many years. When collecting information the personal privacy is assured and complies with all the requirements of the GDPR legislation. 

IMAS Car Parking System

This system guides the visitor to the nearest parking space in the mall. It simplifies and saves time for everyone who visits the shopping center.


The information is presented via xperio

Through our Xperio web application, it is easy for the user to produce reports with visitor statistics by hour, day, week, month and year. It is also easy to see what times and weekdays most visitors come to the store. 

OPEN api

Xperio has a well-documented API with the ability to connect its own applications to retrieve and send data to and from systems.


Services for Shopping Centres

There are many relevant services to choose from in Xperio. Here are some examples. What do you want to measure?

IMAS Count & Comparison

  • Xperio ICC-licence

  • Hourly updates

  • Visitors entering/exiting

  • Comparisons between periods

  • Personalized dashboard

IMAS Control & Maintenance

  • Proactive support

  • Personal contact person

  • Heartbeat sensor monitoring

  • Threshold analyzes

  • Database checker

  • Push Agent technology

  • Real time monitoring


Customer Insights

  • Gender detection

  • Adults & children

  • Families and staff exclusion

  • Face Mask Detection

  • View Direction

  • Behavior segmentation

  • Buying units

  • Mail/dashboard

Customer Flow

  • Hot and cold zones

  • Tracking

  • Heat maps

  • Dwell time

  • Sale point

  • Capture rate

IMAS Business Solution

  • Productivity reporting & targeting

  • Number of receipts/customers

  • Access rate

  • Capture rate

  • Conversion rate

  • Turnover / square

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Our Customers

We are fortunate to work with some of the best in the industry. Here are some examples. 

International presence

With over 30 000 installations and many hundred customers spread out across Europe and South East Asia we have established strong relations with our customers and suppliers. Our head office Nordic is located in Sweden, head office Europe in Germany and head office South-South East Asia in Thailand.


This is what some customers says about working with IMAS and the services we provide. 

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  • IMAS support team can solve problem quickly

  • Xperio Software is convenience and easy to use

  • Able to see real-time data on number of people who enter Fashion Island

  • Feeling confident with the accuracy rate, +95% in the accuracy test every quarter

  • Overall, the counting solution from IMAS is very useful system for Marketing Team to analyze the behavior of our customers


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Senior Supervisor – Building Management

Siam Retail Management Co., Ltd

(Fashion Island Bangkok)