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“Staff Planner tool is a key component in the future retail world”
Helge Bjørklund, founder and partner at BJØRKLUND

optimal performance in the store

IMAS Staff Planner is made for making a store perform at its optimal level, every day, all year round. With Staff Planner, you automatically schedule based on the store's conversation rate, ie how many of those entering the store makes a purchase, and your planned sales for the day (based on historical sales hour by hour).


The system automatically collects data from people counters and cash registers and puts together a proposed schedule for your sales goals to be achieved. You can easily move around and change the schedule yourself. The employees can then through an app (integrated with Kronos) see the scheduling for the coming days/weeks/months.

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Increased Sales per year/store

What is 1% increased conversion Rate for you?

Here is a calculation example of a store that has 1200 visitors per week. Their conversion rate is 16% and they are aiming to increase it by 1% to 17%. This means that they want to sell to 1% more of the customers entering the store. The average customer buys for $40. We assume in this calculation that this week is equal to an average week in the year.

An increased conversion rate by 1% is 12 more sales per week, this gives use 12 x 40 = 480 x 52 weeks = $24 960 increase per store, on a yearly base.

From experience, we see an average increase in the conversion rate of around 3% when the store focuses on this.

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  • Plans staffing based on visits and desired sales

  • Plan and schedule based on actual data

  • Deviation between planned and achieved results

  • Measure sales by staff per hour

Automates personnel planning

One of the highest cost for retailers are salaries, so it is of high importance to have the right amount of staff at the right time.

Based on data from your store you can maximize the level of service when there is high traffic in the store and reduce the number when the traffic is low.

  • With IMAS 'new personnel planner, you can see exactly when and how many employees are needed in the store.

  • Plan staff per hour based on access rate (number of passing by vs entering the store) and planned sales (conversion rate)

  • Easy to administer

  • Connect with other systems, for example, measure exact sales per salesperson.

What our customers says

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“The genius part with this store planning tool is that you can easily uncover and work with deviations and use them in the coming planning phase in your daily work."

Helge Bjørklund, founder, BJØRKLUND,

Norway's largest watch and goldsmith chain

“Our staff should feel like there is a game that should be won when being at work, that’s the spirit we want to achieve and we want to achieve it with the help of validated data from footfall counters"

Hege Svensson, Team Manager at BJØRKLUNd


Measure employees and include them

With IMAS Staff Planner, you can measure sales per store employee, have they met the goals? If not, maybe there are several reasons why they failed during a certain period? In that case, how can we help them to succeed next week?

The tool should be a basis for both managers and employees. Those who succeed in involving the employees in Staff Planner and use it as a tool to develop the store and store staff will succeed best in the long run.

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International presence

With over 30 000 installations and many hundred customers spread out across Europe and South East Asia we have established strong relations with our customers and suppliers. Our head office Nordic is located in Sweden, head office Europe in Germany and head office South-South East Asia in Indonesia.

this tool will revolutionize the retail industry.

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High Reliability and GDPR

The technology and services we use are highly reliable and have been extensively tested for many years. When collecting information the personal privacy is assured and complies with all the requirements of the GDPR legislation. 

ANalytics Services


You can Easily find out How many passes outside the store and how many that enters. Get your Access rate today. 

xperio – our own web application

Through our Xperio web application, it is easy for the user to produce reports with visitor statistics by hour, day, week, month and year. It is also easy to see what times and weekdays most visitors come to the store.  


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