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Terms of purchase and delivery Webshop

1 General

These terms of purchase apply to you who are a customer of IMAS IMAS GmbH (VAT: DE812945121). You become a customer by accepting these terms and placing an order, either through, by e-mail or by telephone to our dealer.

When ordering goods via, the customer (hereinafter referred to as you) and IMAS enter into an agreement on purchase which is governed by these delivery terms.

When ordering, an agreement on purchase is made when you choose to confirm your purchase at checkout. An automated order confirmation will then be sent to your registered email address. Ordered products remain the property of IMAS until they are paid for in full. IMAS reserves the right to cancel an order if we suspect fraud.

In the event of obvious errors (eg incorrect price, printing error, etc.), we reserve the right to correct the error afterwards. If you are not satisfied with our correction, you of course have the right to cancel the order. We also reserve the right not to carry out an order in cases where the product is out of stock, if the maximum number per customer has been exceeded or in the event of technical errors.


2 Prices and payment methods

All prices are quoted excluding VAT. Any fees for shipping and payment methods may apply, which in such cases is stated at checkout. After an order has been confirmed, the price can only be changed due to circumstances that we do not have control over (eg war, natural disasters, etc.) and in the event of obvious inaccuracies in the stated price.

We offer card payment as a payment alternative, to increase security and efficiency with the purchase process.

Complete your purchase using VISA / Mastercard / PayPal. After you have confirmed your purchase at checkout, you will have to enter card details to complete the payment. The transaction takes place with SSL encryption, which means that no unauthorized person can see your information.


3 Delivery information

  •  Shipping cost

At IMAS, we offer two alternatives for shipping costs, with a delivery time of 5 - 7 days. Items that are not in stock, but must be ordered from the supplier have a longer delivery time.

  • Shipping € 36 for the purchase 


Your order will be sent from our central warehouse in Germany. Changes and additions must be made before your order is processed and sent from us. If you discover any errors in your order, it is therefore important that you contact us immediately to change the order if possible.

If your ordered product is out of stock, we reserve the right to send an equivalent product. This applies, for example, to accessories such as cabling, etc. If you are not satisfied with the replacement product, you have a full right of return, at no extra cost.

Should any of the products you ordered have a significantly longer delivery time than other products on your order, we can in some cases split the order. You then never have to pay more than the original shipping cost.

We bear the transport risk when we send something to you, which means that we replace you free of charge with a new item in the event of shipping damage or loss of shipment. In the event of a return to us, you as a customer bear the transport risk.


For non-triggered packages with a product value below € 50, we will invoice €20, for non-triggered packages with a product value over €50, we will invoice € 40 to cover costs incurred. Therefore, remember to always pick up your orders within 14 days of the package arriving at the postal agent.


3.2 Delivery method:

  • Letter / Item letter - For orders with less weight and volume with traceable alternative. Your order is delivered directly to your mailbox or mailbox. If the shipment is too bulky, the postman will either call or leave a notification so that you can pick up the delivery at the nearest postal agent.

  • Agent delivery - Your order is delivered to the company's nearest postal agent. You will receive a notification via either SMS or post-notification. We recommend that you fill in the mobile number for SMS notification at checkout for the shortest possible delivery time. In order to redeem the package, the bidder must have valid identification. A postal package remains with the postal agent for 14 days from the date of arrival.

  • Company package - Delivery takes place to the registered company address on weekdays between 08.00-18.00. No notification is made before. If there is no one on site who can receive the delivery, a notice is given and the shipment can then be picked up at PostNord's representative.


4 Transport damage

If the product is damaged during shipping at the time of delivery, we ask you to report it to us immediately. Visible damage needs to be reported no later than 3 days after receipt and hidden shipping damage within 7 days. If you discover a damage to the box at the time of delivery, you can refuse to receive the goods provided that you have not had time to acknowledge receipt. In order for the complaint against PostNord to be handled correctly, you must save the packaging, the address label and any pallet that came with the shipping-damaged consignment.

Force majeure

IMAS is not responsible for damage or delay due to law enforcement, government action, mobilization, war, seizures, currency restrictions, system failures, errors or restrictions in deliveries from subcontractors, strikes, lockouts, boycotts, blockades or other similar circumstances that either hinder or hinder IMAS. fulfillment to such an extent that it can only take place at an abnormally high cost.


5 Guarantee

IMAS offers a 1-year guarantee to our customers. In cases where the manufacturer provides a longer warranty, you are of course offered the same warranty length. Consumables and accessories such as cables, connectors and chargers follow the manufacturer's warranty, which can be shorter than one year.

The warranty applies to malfunctions that occur during the warranty period. The guarantee does not apply to defects that occur during or after the product's function and appearance, such as rebuilding, upgrading or other configuration of the product.

Note The right of complaint does not apply to company acquisitions.

  • 5.1 Post-purchase technical support

For technical support, IMAS has the right to refer the customer to a third-party payment support company or to the respective product manufacturer. Please note that the support may be in English for some manufacturers and only via contact via e-mail or website.

* In the case of a separately signed agreement with warranty terms, interpretation applies.

6 Open purchase and return

We offer companies 10 days open purchase for unopened packaging.

Open purchase does not apply to order items that are not included in the regular range.

Repurchases / returns are not applied without the approval of Publivount. If you wish to use the open purchase, please let us know as soon as you have received your order.


6.1 How do I return my purchase?

Contact us  and announce that you intend to make a return. When using an open purchase, you as a customer are responsible for return shipping. Other costs, such as the cost of the item and shipping from us to you will not be refunded. IMAS will not redeem packages against cash on delivery. We recommend that you return the shipment in a way that makes the shipment arrive at our return address.


Return address:

Depending on your selected country, please contact us

6.2 When returning software

Customer receives no other right than that provided with the licenses or special terms that come with each software. The Software may only be used in accordance with the terms of the accompanying license terms.

* In the case of a separately signed agreement with conditions regarding open purchase and return, this applies with interpretative priority.


7. Secrecy

Here is information on how IMAS policy on privacy, personal data and marketing. IMAS processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998: 204).

When you shop with us, you enter personal information such as name, address, email address, telephone number and in some cases also organization number. We need this information to deliver the product to you, but also to certain uses.


Organization number is required for any credit information and when taking out insurance. The person responsible for personal data is

IMAS Group
Åsveien 3
N-1424 Ski, Norway
NO VAT: 953263866


7.1 Area of use and purpose

  • Handling of warranty matters or insurance through our partners.

  • Business development

    IMAS strives to offer you as a customer better and more personal offers. This means that we can use special criteria as a basis for marketing, such as purchase size, purchase frequency, purchase of a certain range or item, purchase in a certain sales channel, etc. We may also supplement customer information in order to offer good customer care. In order to maintain a good level of service towards you as a customer, we document all customer communication.

  • Market, customer analysis

    Basis for marketing, method and business development, and for fulfilling what is required of us by law.

The purpose of this treatment is to be able to fulfill our commitments to you as a customer, inform about offers and news.

7.2 Advertising block

You have the right to access this information upon request. Should the information prove to be incorrect, incomplete or otherwise irrelevant, it is our responsibility to take corrective action. As a customer, you can object to your information being used for marketing purposes, whereby IMAS undertakes to introduce a so-called advertising barrier. Notification of advertising ban is made to

Contact and other information

Some external links available on enable you to leave our server. The linked websites are not controlled by us and IMAS therefore bears no responsibility for the content of these websites.


Our office is located in Oslo Norway at the following address:

IMAS Group

Dynamitveien 11

N-1400 Ski


VAT: 953263866


By accepting our terms of purchase, you agree to be contacted by us for marketing purposes.

Contact may take place via email, SMS, postal mail or in other ways.

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