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Streamline operations

All center managers and store owners want to get better at using visitor data, but not everyone knows how. We can help you interpret, understand and practically use the information from the people counters.

When you use our consulting service, you get a senior specialist with many years of experience from visitor flow and people counting within shopping centers and retail store.

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We can help you

Fritz Dimmlich, Regional Director Nordic at IMAS

  • Over 25 years of experience from retail in leading positions

  • Extensive knowledge in customer experiences contributing to profit

  • Responsible for in-house training regarding store manager school within FMCG

  • Contributed to the development of internal talents and started their careers

  • Developed and implemented system for retail

  • Responsible for large projects 

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Three different LAYERS in a shopping center

A shopping center can have people counters in three different layers:


  • The outer layer is a scale counter. It measures how many visitors are in the mall.

  • The next layer is the flow of visitors with hot and cold zones. It charts how customers move in the mall.

  • The last stock measures the number of customers in the stores.


If they are connected to a cash register system, they can become even more efficient.

This is what you can do

Using people counter information is the fastest and most effective way for a mall to succeed:

  • You can limit the challenges and attack them systematically.

  • You see changes immediately and you can therefore see the effect of your actions immediately.

  • You can experiment and learn.

On the other hand, visitor flows are stable and predictable, which gives you the opportunity to utilize scarce resources in the best possible way. Whether it's about staffing, avoiding congestion or planning activities.

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Plan and improve

Visitor data is hard currency for a mall. It is used to attract new stores, pop-up stores and generate media revenue.

Here are three other uses:

  • Detailed visitor bill can help the stores with optimal staffing and planning of tasks. This also applies to the center operations.

  • With a visitor bill, you see the effect of your marketing and can adapt offers and timing. It can provide continuous improvement.

  • You can plan for large visitor flows.

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Improve the customer journey

If you also include visitors to the stores, you have all the steps in the customer journey in place. You identify bottlenecks and can help your stores become even better. You see what is a good achievement, you get to see the individual store's strengths and weaknesses and can implement measures and measure if it works. Everyone benefits from a store getting better and succeeding. If the stores do not succeed, the result can be closure, bankruptcy and unemployment. It also takes a lot of resources to bring in a new tenant who can also suffer the same fate.

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