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Radar Technology

We leverage cutting-edge Radar technology to accurately count the number of cyclists and cars passing through various locations.

Track Cyclist and cars and 

Monitor traffic flow

Make infrastructure improvements

optimize spaces

Radar for Accurate Data Collection and Analysis

The radar technology is renowned for its trustworthiness and reliability, providing precise data for informed decision-making. Whether you need to monitor traffic flow, analyze trends, or optimize operations, our Radar solutions offer high performance and accuracy.


Counting Cyclists with Radar Technology

With our radar technology, you can accurately count the number of cyclists passing through city streets. Our radar systems provide reliable data on cyclist traffic, allowing city planners and transportation authorities to make informed decisions about infrastructure improvements and cycling initiatives. By leveraging radar technology, we contribute to creating safer and more cyclist-friendly urban environments.

Radar Technology for Counting Cars in Buildings or Parking Areas

Our Radar technology is a highly effective tool for counting the number of vehicles entering and exiting buildings or garages. By placing Radar sensors at strategic points of entry and exit, we can capture real-time data on vehicle movements with great accuracy. This information enables businesses and facility managers to efficiently manage traffic flow, optimize parking spaces, and enhance overall operational efficiency. With our Radar technology, you can rely on accurate car count data to make informed decisions and streamline traffic management processes.

Garage Doors

Benefits of Collecting Visitor Data with Us

An Advanced yet User-Friendly Platform

Our portal utilizes a wide range of data sources, such as sensors, WiFi networks, radar, POS, and weather data. The system is user-friendly and designed for both simple and advanced in-depth analyses. The portal has a well-documented API with significant possibilities to integrate your applications to fetch and send data to and from the system.


Example Reports

  • Productivity analyses like conversion rate, basket size, revenue per visit, capture rate, and access rate (staff availability).

  • Entrance analysis

  • Staff and sales forecast (scheduling)

  • Dwell time

  • Most visits

  • Demographics (age and gender)

  • Flow measurement

  • Tracking

  • Real-time

  • Benchmark - Index

  • Deviation report

  • Exclude staff


No Fees or Commitment

We aim to make it as simple as possible for you to choose to collect visitor data with us. You are free to terminate the agreement whenever you wish.

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Personal Service and Support

At IMAS, we work in small and cohesive teams. When support and service are needed, our dedicated support team is there to answer your questions. We believe in building close, open-minded relationships with our customers, where trust is fundamental to our business interactions.

What Our Customers Say

"We, as customers, are taken very seriously, and the support is proactive, positive, and always swift."


Niklas Holz, International Business Developer at Søstrene Grenes Import A/S


Feel free to contact us; we help you collect and analyze visitor data.

Contact us

We are looking forward to helping you.


Chúng tôi may mắn có được cơ hội hợp tác với những công ty hàng đầu trong lĩnh vực. Sau đây là một số khách hàng đã hợp tác cùng chúng tôi


Khách hàng di chuyển theo nhiều cách khác nhau, nhưng xu hướng có thể được xác định nhanh chóng. Nắm bắt được thông tin, các thống kê và phân tích dựa trên các mô hình kinh doanh của từng cửa hàng riêng lẻ là điều quan trọng để cung cấp cho khách hàng trải nghiệm tổng thể tốt hơn trong trung tâm thương mại. Khách hàng của bạn có dễ dàng để tìm thấy khu vực nhà hàng không? Làm thế nào để các cửa hàng mới thu hút được lượng khách? Khách hàng thường di chuyển ở những khu vực nào? Sự phân bố tại các khu vực nhất định theo giới tính, theo số lượng người lớn, trẻ em là bao nhiêu?


Always included

Count & comparison








Always included


Analyze visitors entering/exiting. You need this service to have access to Xperio. 

Run productivity analyzes on visits, sales, customers and much more. 

See how visitors move and how long do they stay.

Differ between, children and adults entering, men and women.

Control and maintenance. Our personal support is always included in Xperio.

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