The TD-2000B can handle large traffic flows with high accuracy. It is programmed to identify people and can, among other things, with the help of 3D technology and deep vision distinguish between adults and children. This model fits well in wide entrances. 


The sensor has been designed with 20% larger view than TD2000, in order to cover a greater area for saving your total cost of deployment. Up to three sensors can be joined through path link for covering wide entrances while minimizing duplicate count in overlapping areas. Other distinctive features include multi-zone data collection, video output for validating count accuracy, etc.

Like other TD series of sensors, the sensor can be easily upgraded and maintained through the web portal and an optional software tool for remote and bulk operation. The data collected can be seamlessly integrated with your ERP, BI, or other systems through the sensor’s open interface.

Before you order your people counter

The installation height is needed when you purchase your people-, visitor counter. Installation height is measured from the floor to the ceiling where the product will be installed.

As an additional service, you can also choose our analysis service to combine with your counter, such as "Xperio Statistic portal" or "Personal support service", which are compatible with the TDI 3D people counter.


The price is excl. VAT.


Be suited for:

  • Medium to large traffic flow
  • Wide entrance



TDI 2000B 3D - People Counting Sensor

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