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Visitor Data for Your Business

Why you should choose IMAS Group as your partner for collecting visitor and sales data.

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Manage Your Business with Visitor Data

As digitization advances, collecting visitor data becomes increasingly crucial. With the right data, you make better decisions, customize your offerings, satisfy visitors and customers, and streamline operations. Discover how IMAS can assist you in these aspects.

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How IMAS Visitor Data Analysis Works?

We employ various technologies to gather data, including sensors, WiFi networks, cash registers, and business systems, radar, to name a few. But we don't just collect visitor data; we present, package, and make it accessible for you to analyze and leverage when making important decisions, along with your colleagues.

Simplify Staff Scheduling

Forecast sales based on your sales and visits. Our tool automates scheduling, ensuring a great customer experience while saving you money.

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Benefits of Collecting Visitor Data with Us

An Advanced yet User-Friendly Platform

Our portal utilizes a wide range of data sources, such as sensors, WiFi networks, radar, POS, and weather data. The system is user-friendly and designed for both simple and advanced in-depth analyses. The portal has a well-documented API with significant possibilities to integrate your applications to fetch and send data to and from the system.


Example Reports

  • Productivity analyses like conversion rate, basket size, revenue per visit, capture rate, and access rate (staff availability).

  • Entrance analysis

  • Staff and sales forecast (scheduling)

  • Dwell time

  • Most visits

  • Demographics (age and gender)

  • Flow measurement

  • Tracking

  • Real-time

  • Benchmark - Index

  • Deviation report

  • Exclude staff


No Fees or Commitment

We aim to make it as simple as possible for you to choose to collect visitor data with us. You are free to terminate the agreement whenever you wish.

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Personal Service and Support

At IMAS, we work in small and cohesive teams. When support and service are needed, our dedicated support team is there to answer your questions. We believe in building close, open-minded relationships with our customers, where trust is fundamental to our business interactions.

What Our Customers Say

"We, as customers, are taken very seriously, and the support is proactive, positive, and always swift."


Niklas Holz, International Business Developer at Søstrene Grenes Import A/S


Feel free to contact us; we help you collect and analyze visitor data.

Contact us

We are looking forward to helping you.


We are fortunate to work with some of the best in the industry. Here are some examples. 

Analytic services

We offer a wide variety of data for retailers, here are some examples you can gather and analyze in IMAS analytics platform Xperio. 


Always included

Count & comparison








Always included


Analyze visitors entering/exiting. You need this service to have access to Xperio. 

Run productivity analyzes on visits, sales, customers and much more. 

See how visitors move and how long do they stay.

Differ between, children and adults entering, men and women.

Control and maintenance. Our personal support is always included in Xperio.

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