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We provide information for making better decisions

For over 30 years we have been supporting shopping center operators, retail chains, public institutions, trade fairs, and events, collecting and understanding valuable information about visitors and customers.


The information is collected from people counters,  footfall traffic, ERPs, or other sources of information-gathering systems and then analyzed and presented in IMAS web-based management software Xperio. The information can easily be integrated with customer analysis and visualization systems.

Help Center

helping our customers

To guarantee flexibility and short response times for our customers, a team of specialists relies on a rich international network of partners and technicians. We supply everything to our customers from a single source: the hardware, the software as well as personal support, installation, and maintenance of systems.

Perhaps the most important component of our success is the IMAS culture that supports local decision-making with a quick and open-minded support culture – it’s fun helping our customers.

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Make daily life easier for individuals and organizations by enabling better decision-making with the help of footfall data. 

IMAS Group in numbers

We have strong relationships with our customers and suppliers thanks to over 30 000 installations and hundreds of customers spread across Europe and Southeast Asia. Our head office in Nordic is in Sweden, our head office in Europe is in Germany, and the head office for South-South East Asia is located in Thailand.

+30 000




Mission and core business

Our mission is to be the leading information provider on analytics and footfall traffic in Europe and among the leading in South East Asia. Our core business is data providing and customer support.

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Management, board and owner

IMAS Group was founded in 1989 by Peter Nicolaus who is the CEO of IMAS Group. IMAS Group owns the subsidiaries where the IMAS brand is presence. IMAS also has a strong partner network that uses IMAS services.



We are fortunate to work with some of the best in the industry. Here are some examples. 


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„With great flexibility and the use of mixed technologies, IMAS offers suitable solutions that count accurately and reliably, which first made in-depth customer analyses possible for us.“

Hennig Schorling, 
Director of IT, B.O.C. (Bike and Outdoor Company)


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We are looking forward talking to you. 

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