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Access to information on the number of visitors and business patterns is currently in high demand among those working in various ways to develop and improve a city. Here we go over what you can measure and what benefits there are in measuring visitors in public environments - both for the benefit of shops and people in the city.

Whether you want to start measuring today or have done it for many years, we have solutions and services that will fit your needs. With the help of information from visitor counters, you create better conditions for making decisions that lead to a better visitor experience and increased sales for business.

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Visitor Flows and Movement Patterns IN CITIES 

Which bike paths are popular and what does the flow of visitors look like for the shops around the square? These are two examples of frequently asked questions that are easily answered with the help of visitor counters and an analysis tool. In Xperio, you can get a quick overview of where visitors are with the help of heat maps. At the same time, it is easy to measure and compare exact changes for each individual area. 

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Avoiding Poor Negotiations 

Negotiating will be much easier if you can be transparent and show validated figures. Often, discussion can be long and drawn-out, taking time for all parties. When everyone sees the same numbers, it becomes easier to create an understanding and to be able to develop together. With the help of our services you can, for example:

  • Show tenants visitor traffic outside their stores

  • Show potential tenants the number of people passing by

  • Show city officials and tenants how different redevelopments affect visitor flows

  • Measure how campaigns or other activities affect visitor flows

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An Open and Changing City

As you understand, there are many more things to measure in a city. However, if we are to sum it all up, it is about measuring and being able to show transparent figures for both officials and businesses in the city. In order for a city to be open and developed, a scientific approach is the easy way, since it greatly facilitates access to validated information from visitor counters when deciding and reaching agreements.

High Reliability and GDPR

The technology and services we use are highly reliable and have been extensively tested for many years. Of course, personal privacy is assured and complies with all the requirements of the GDPR legislation. 


In summary


In summary, we can establish that when we measure and analyse the information coming from the visitor counters, the connections between the work done and the number of people who visit the city are made visible.


This scientific approach will benefit both shops and the people in the city.

The information is presented via xperio

Through our Xperio web application, it is easy for the user to produce reports with visitor statistics by hour, day, week, month and year. It is also easy to see what times and weekdays most visitors come to the store. 

OPEN api

Xperio has a well-documented API with the ability to connect its own applications to retrieve and send data to and from systems.



Services for CITIES 

There are many relevant services to choose from in Xperio. Here are some examples. What do you want to measure?

Buy visitor analytics instead of hardware

Hardware as a service (HaaS) 

We have made it easy for you and included the services needed to efficiently count customers, so you can focus on your business. 

IMAS Count & Comparison

  • Xperio ICC-licence

  • Hourly updates

  • Visitors entering/exiting

  • Comparisons between periods

  • Personalized dashboard

IMAS Control & Maintenance

  • Proactive support

  • Personal contact person

  • Heartbeat sensor monitoring

  • Threshold analyzes

  • Database checker

  • Push Agent technology

  • Real time monitoring


Customer Insights

  • Gender detection

  • Adults & children

  • Families and staff exclusion

  • Face Mask Detection

  • View Direction

  • Behavior segmentation

  • Buying units

  • Mail/dashboard

Customer Flow

  • Hot and cold zones

  • Tracking

  • Heat maps

  • Dwell time

  • Sale point

  • Capture rate

IMAS Business Solution

  • Productivity reporting & targeting

  • Number of receipts/customers

  • Access rate

  • Capture rate

  • Conversion rate

  • Turnover / square




  • 3D-counter included

  • Access to Xperio

  • IMAS Count & Comparison included

  • IMAS IMAS Control & Maintenance included

  • Add additional services

  • See local prices on respective country / region site




  • 4G router with WiFi for outdoor use

  • Access to Xperio

  • ​IMAS Count & Comparison included

  • IMAS IMAS Control & Maintenance included

  • IMAS Customer Flow included

  • Add additional services

  • See local prices on respective country / region site




  • No installation required (read more here)

  • Access to Xperio

  • IMAS Count & Comparison included

  • IMAS IMAS Control & Maintenance included

  • IMAS Customer Flow included

  • Add additional services

  • See local prices on respective country / region site

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