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Aalborg City Teams Up with IMAS Group for Data-Driven Urban Enhancement

Aalborg City in Denmark has embarked on a mission to enhance its cityscape with data-driven insights with the help of IMAS Group Denmark, marking a significant step towards informed urban development. Jes Asmussen, Aalborg City's Manager, articulates the significance of data in attracting brands, understanding consumer behavior, and shaping a responsive urban landscape.

– At Aalborg City, we aim to acquire a better understanding of movement patterns in our city center, in order to gather accurate knowledge about the number of visitors to our city. To attract new brands and store concepts to the city center, data is indispensable. The initial query when engaging potential collaborators is - can you provide us with data regarding the flow of customers on the streets, says Jes Asmussen, City Manager at Aalborg City.

Having some data is a prerequisite if you're considering moving to Aalborg, especially if you reside in Copenhagen or Stockholm, Asmussen adds.

Data concerning movement patterns in the city center is of big importance

– We are currently witnessing significant shifts in consumer behavior, which is why we seek a deeper understanding to discuss matters such as store opening hours, event impacts, pop-up shops, rearrangements, decorations, and more, based on concrete knowledge.

– Additionally, we desire insights into how roadworks, parking fees, and urban transformations impact city usage, continues Jes Asmussen. After conducting a market analysis for potential solutions, IMAS emerged as the preferred choice.

Positive communication with IMAS right from the beginning

– Right from our initial interaction with IMAS, a productive dialogue and mutual comprehension of our objectives and desires have been established. The entire process has been conducted with professionalism, and the implementation has proceeded seamlessly.

– We are incredibly pleased that, with substantial support from Aalborg Municipality, we can now commence data collection from the city center: How do customers navigate shopping streets? How long do they linger on the streets? What is the demographic distribution among women, men, and children? concludes Jes Asmussen.

Footfall data with WiFi and people counting sensors

The project encompasses the deployment of 18 strategically positioned WiFi-enabled access points along with 8 state-of-the-art people counting sensors, equipped with demographic features such as age and gender identification. This initiative marks IMAS Group's most extensive people-counting solution to date for Danish cities. The IMAS system is already in use by Middelfart Trade and Ringkøbing Fjord Trade Council. As autumn approaches, we anticipate extending a warm welcome to additional Danish city centers joining the IMAS Group.

Unlocking Insights with Combined Footfall Data Solutions

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About IMAS Group

IMAS Group provides innovative footfall data solutions, empowering cities, businesses, and organizations to optimize operations, enhance visitor experiences, and drive growth. With cutting-edge technology and expertise in data analytics, IMAS Group enables clients to make informed decisions based on footfall data insights. IMAS Group has a global presence with offices in Europe, India, and Southeast Asia.

About the city of Aalborg

On July 1, 2022, the population of Aalborg Municipality stood at 221,082, ranking it as the third most populous municipality in the nation, trailing only behind Copenhagen and Aarhus (Wikipedia).


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