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A reliable and cost-efficient parking guide system 

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

IMAS Car Parking Guide System (PGS) is a very reliable and cost-efficient parking guide system for shopping centers, retail stores and the parking management sector. Thanks to a low number of sensors, a robust and well proven technology the system can be acquired to a low cost.

The unique system uses radar sensors to monitor the traffic going in and out the parking area. The radar technology is well proven and requires almost no maintenance. It’s a weather and dust proof system which make it ideal both for indoor and outdoor use. Another advantage is that the radar sensors are well concealed to the public, which reduces the risk of being damaged.

Inside the parking area LED-Matrix-Displays shows the realtime status of available parking lots in different and adjustable colors. Displays and signs can be used both outside and inside to show the number of available parking lots.

The entire configuration of sensors, displays and zones takes place through a web interface.

Why IMAS Parking Guide System (PGS)

- Cost efficient Parking Guide System (few sensors required) - Reliable and robust technology - Requires low maintenance - Weather and dust resistant - Well concealed to the public

IMAS has a long experience from the radar technology and has for over 30 years been supplying shopping centers, stores and public institutions with data from footfall traffic. The radar technology was the first technique to be used when counting visitors. The technique is very reliable and although people counters today often relies on 3D-technolgy or WiFi-system, radars are still being used by some of our customers, thanks to its long-life span.

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