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IMAS Group to Revolutionize Event Security at Melbourne Royal Showground

IMAS Group Indonesia, the experts in innovative footfall data solutions, have teamed up with Australian-owned ICorp Security Services Pty Ltd to enhance event security with real-time visitor counting. The collaboration will deploy cutting-edge footfall sensors and IMAS's own analytic software, Xperio, enabling ICorp to accurately count visitors at the Melbourne Royal Showground. The prestigious event is scheduled from September 21, 2023, for 10 days, marking the debut of IMAS's people counting system in Australia.

Photo: Melbourne Royal Showground

In a recent workshop held in Jakarta, IMAS Group Indonesia and ICorp's team delved into the technical aspects, including sensor operation, installation, and calibration. They also addressed commercial considerations to ensure a smooth implementation process.

ICorp, known for its forward-thinking security services, sought a smart solution to boost productivity and improve customer value. The answer came in the form of people counting technology. With precise visitor data, ICorp can optimize the number of guards required at different times, delivering top-notch security services.

Workshop in Jakarta with IMAS Group Indonesia and ICorp's team

About IMAS Group:

IMAS Group provides innovative footfall data solutions, empowering cities, businesses, and organizations to optimize operations, enhance visitor experiences, and drive growth. With cutting-edge technology and expertise in data analytics, IMAS Group enables clients to make informed decisions based on footfall data insights.

About ICorp:

ICorp is an Australian-owned security company, offering a wide range of security services to diverse clientele, including the retail sector, property and building management, gatehouse and warehouse facilities, education and health facilities, corporate and private sectors, as well as government bodies and clubs/associations.

About Melbourne Showgrounds:

Located centrally in the major events capital of Australia, Melbourne Showgrounds is the largest and most versatile venue in Melbourne. It offers unique and flexible indoor and outdoor spaces designed to host a variety of events and activities, including trade shows, exhibitions, expos, festivals, and much more.


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