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People Counting Service Frequently Used Among Outdoor Pool Visitors

Thanks to people counting solutions bathers in Lund, Sweden, have been able to check the number of visitors online before visiting the outdoor pool facilities in the city. Statistics shows a great interest in the services with some 60,000 unique page views spread across five outdoor pools.

Outdoor pool Lund, Sweden.
People Counters from IMAS have been used during the summer in Lund, Sweden. Image: Lund kommun

During the spring, the municipality of Lund contacted IMAS and asked if there was a solution available where you in real time could see how many people were inside the outdoor baths. The city wanted to make sure that they didn’t exceed the current crowd limit of 500 people. IMAS had a solution ready and in May people counters were set up at the five outdoor baths in Lund.

- We have been receiving positive response from the bathers who appreciated the services. Our staff has all the time able to keep track of the number of visitors so we don’t exceed the limits.

- We have rented a complete people counting system during the summer from IMAS, at it has been very flexible, says Christer Sörliden, responsible for the swimming facilities in Lund municipality.

People counting has added great customer value

During the month of July, the visitor limit in Sweden was lifted, but Lund Municipality chose to continue counting the number of visitors.

- We wanted to continue all summer and offer our bathers this service, we believe it has added great customer value. We have also been able to measure the number of total visits and compare the numbers with our cash register system.

- What I also think is so good about this type of tool is that you easily can collect statistics on exactly when visitors come and go during the day, very useful from a staffing point of view.

People counting statistics have been Shared with the municipal management

Via IMAS web portal Xperio, Christer have provided visitor statistics to managers and decision-makers within the municipality. The five baths had just over 150,000 visitors during June-August.

- I have picked out entrance analyzes and sent to my boss who has informed it further in our municipal organization.

Before the restrictions disappeared, the entrances had to be closed on a couple of occasions as there were about to be too many visitors.

“Very satisfied with IMAS”

The people counters have now been dismantled and sent back to IMAS.

- I am very satisfied with IMAS which has given us fast and personal service from start to finish in the summer, Christer concludes.

People counters have been used at Källbybadet, Dalbybadet, Sandbybadet, Genarpsbadet and Veberödsbadet. Källbybadet tops the list both when it comes to physical visits and the number of page views online.

About IMAS

We help and support shopping malls, retail stores, smart cities, airports and public institutions (plus many more), collect and understand valuable information about visitors and customers.

Our people counting services have neither a lock-in period nor any start-up fees. Contact us and we will tell you more.


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