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Transforming with Footfall Data: A German Shopping Center's Journey

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

In this interview, Christine Glasow at Kintyre and Center manager at Seemaxx Outlet Center Radolfzell in Bodensee, share valuable insights into how IMAS Group's people counting services for shopping centers have transformed their approach to visitor and shopping behavior analysis.

With the installation of people counting sensors at all store entrances, Seemaxx has enhanced tenant communication and gained a deeper understanding of tenant performance. Additionally, the integration of daily KPIs, such as turnover and transaction numbers, into IMAS analytics platform Xperio has streamlined their processes, saving them hours per week.

Discover how Seemaxx leverages these insights for improved customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Evolving with the Times: A Shift in Data Collection at A Shopping Center

For the initial 15 years of its operation, Seemaxx Outlet Center relied solely on collecting footfall data at its main entrances. However, the year 2023 brought about a significant transformation. Seemaxx proactively responded to the changing landscape by installing people counting sensors at all store entrances, Mrs Glasow explains.

- The information on how each store participates in the total center footfall is crucial for tenant communication and enables us to evaluate our tenants’ performance even better and to identify staff or service problems in the stores.

Empowering Tenants with Data Access

One aspect of Seemaxx's journey this year is the commitment to transparency and collaboration. IMAS facilitated access to data for all store owners and tenants, ensuring that each tenant could exclusively access their own data through the user-friendly Xperio platform.

- We are very pleased that IMAS has enabled access for all stores, granting each tenant exclusive access to their data through Xperio. This approach facilitates performance reviews with tenants based on their individual data.

The Power of KPI Integration at a Shopping Center

Beyond the collection of footfall data, Seemaxx has taken its analysis to the next level. Tenants now actively contribute to the data pool by inputting daily Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into Xperio. These KPIs include essential metrics like turnover, transaction numbers, and items sold.

- This data is used for extensive analysis, such as general performance and productivity metrics, Mrs Glasow explains.

Xperio: Streamlining Data Processes and Tenant Efficiency at Seemaxx

One standout benefit of Xperio is its ability to streamline and automate complex data processes. Prior to integrating IMAS's solutions, Seemaxx manually entered tenant KPIs into Excel spreadsheets.

- With the implementation of Xperio, this process has been drastically optimized, saving us 3-4 hours of manual data entry every week and reducing administrative burdens.

Seemaxx's Tenant Community: Happy and Engaged

Seemaxx's journey with IMAS has not only improved its operations but has also had a positive impact on its tenant community.

- Our tenants appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of the platform, coupled with the reduced administrative effort, freeing them to focus on their core business operations.

Satisfaction in Partnership

In a testament to IMAS's commitment to customer satisfaction, Christine Glasow expresses Seemaxx's satisfaction with the solutions and support provided.

The partnership with IMAS has been characterized by adaptability and a strong willingness to align with Seemaxx's specific requirements.

- We are very happy with IMAS support – Mr. Chaghouani and his team are very easy-going to work with and have adjusted to our requirements as far as possible. Criticism is received without bad feelings, always trying to find practical solutions for our problems, says Mrs Glasow.


In conclusion, Seemaxx's journey with IMAS Group's people counting services has not only transformed their approach to data analysis but also enhanced their tenant relationships and operational efficiency. The integration of cameras, transparent data access, KPI input, and the user-friendly Xperio platform have combined to create a harmonious and data-driven shopping environment.

About IMAS Group

Our team is dedicated to collecting visitor data to assist businesses and organizations in making informed decisions. We utilize advanced technologies like footfall sensors, access points, and ERPs to gather this data while ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations. Learn how our services can elevate your business to new heights. IMAS Group has a global presence with offices in Europe, India, and Southeast Asia.

About Seemaxx Outlet Center Radolfzell

The Seemaxx Outlet Center Radolfzell located near Lake of Constance, in Bodensee, offers a diverse range of more than 40 high-quality fashion brands.

About Kintyre

Seemaxx is managed by the German real estate company Kintyre. Established in 2009, with Head Quarters in Frankfurt am Main, Kintyre provides local and international investors with access to a fully integrated, full-service, real estate platform for the German market.


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